Healthy Tips: Food Facts Every Athlete Should Know

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Becoming a top quality athlete does not mean spending hours in the gym, consuming protein shakes and power bars. Having a good nutritious diet is important for the sportspersons for 100% performance. Their need for the calories is much higher when compared to an average individual. When they undertake a rigorous workout session for 90 minutes or more, then it demands a lot of endurance. A diet full of essential nutrients is an utmost necessity for the athletes to boost their physical activity and remain active.

If you want to give wings to your career in the field of sports, then your main priority must be to take a well balanced diet. For this purpose, you have to understand unique food facts necessary for optimal athletic performance:

Eat Enough to Maintain Sufficient Calories

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but most of the aspiring sportspersons do not consume enough after workout and recover lost endurance or energy.  Inadequate consumption of the calories ultimately results in decreased performance and increases the risk of an injury. In case of a damaged muscle tissue, your body may take a long time to heal because of inadequate nutrient levels. Now, a question may sprout up in your mind, how to know whether you are taking enough food or not? The answer for this question is pretty much simple as you have to take care of the following things:

  • Keep a tab on your everyday performance
  • Monitor your body weight
  • Check your body composition

If you notice a considerable amount of decrease in your performance or loss in body weight, then it is crystal-clear that you are not maintaining desirable calories required. 

Take Plenty of Fluids
Intense workout, especially during the summer season, can result in dehydration. It will ultimately impact your performance and make you feel tired all the time. The core body temperature increases in the warmer months. To prevent your body from getting dehydrated, a point must be made to take cold water before starting a workout session. It will lower your core temperature of the body and help improve endurance. How to know you are dehydrated? Well, there is not any rocket science involved to determine this? You must check your urine. If it is not very clear or dark yellow in colour, then you are not hydrated enough. Sports drinks are generally not required if you take water in a desired quantity and food that is rich in electrolytes.

Improve Circulation
An excellent circulation is required for the proper functioning and improved oxygen delivery to various prominent organs of the body like heart, muscles, brain and so on. A better circulation helps in minimizing stress while exercising and reduces muscle cramping. The food items that must be on your shopping list to increase your red blood cells count and oxygen circulation are as follows:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Turkey
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Chocolate
  • Oranges
  • Beans
  • Garlic

The BIG Question: From Where to Get Fresh and Nutrient Rich Food Items?
This is a question that may give lots of headache to the individuals planning to exercise hard and become better athletes. Most of them either do not have the time to visit several stores or malls to pick essential products or have to return disappointed because the desired food item is sold out. In such a situation, online shopping sites can turn out to be a great blessing in disguise. A popular website like offer quality products, rich in all the desired nutrient properties, helping athletes to excel in their field. What’s more, you can also save money by using discount and coupon codes. Overall, the whole experience of shopping online will certainly provide an unforgettable experience to the sportspersons and help them attain fitness goals.


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