Here’s How Our Photo Painters Draw Creatively Using References!

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Creating a master artwork is not achievable unless you are a gifted photo painter, it requires, not just good experience but the right sense of using colors in combination with using the right shades to depict the photos on canvas to make the best paintings in charcoal or pencil. At LoveCustomArt, we know the prominence of every photograph in your life and why you wish them to be converted into custom portraits.


Creativity Applied Using Photo References


Our photo painters are not ordinary by any measure they have been selection because of their specialization in their respective styles and mediums, they have years of experience  portraying the images into paintings on the canvas in the best possible light. We know the depth of  meaning attached to those favorite pictures of your life, family, friends, history in the form of a photograph, memories to look back on, every moment, so we are very conscious of this and always put our best efforts in to bring life to the portraits made by using your photo references. Our approach in converting photo to painting using reference photos involves the following three ways:


Visual Tracing: We will look at the painting and create the exact copy of the photograph in our minds.


Inspiration: We look at the photo to get inspired and try to create a new masterpiece for you.


Support: We analyze the reference photos, and take the fine details from them. 


The references provided are not necessary to be copied exactly or even changed entirely, instead it all depends on the kind of painting, portrait or landscape you wish to be created, Our photo painters ensure that each and every one of your preferences are noted, always kept in mind and implemented accordingly, so you do end up with the finished piece you invisaged with superfine detail from our photo painters at LoveCustomArt. Also, it is not possible for every photo painter out there to understand the requirements of all the clients due lack of expertise. But, have no reservations because at LoveCustomArt you are dealing with experts who pride ourselves on fine detail and accuracy, we will never compromise on quality.


All photo paintings from us are uniquely painted and handmade perfectly using the references provided by you. All the details are keenly kept in mind and before finalizing the artwork, you will always be shown a proof, so you can suggest the changes if any in the portrait.

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