Here’s how to use Google Analytics to improve your Medical SEO

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When it comes to improving the SEO for your Medical site, there are several tools for your help. And Google Analytics is probably the most important one among them all.  With the proper use of Google Analytics you can get amazing benefits with ease. In case you are wondering how to get maximum benefits with this, then you are at right place. For your reference here’s is a guide that explains how to use Google Analytics to improve your Medical SEO

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Properly Install the tracking code

Start with tracking all the activities on your website. It is essential that you install the analytic code on every page. If you are using WordPress, Joomla or any other website building tools, then placing the code on index page would do the trick. If that’s not the case, you must take proper steps to install tracking code on every page of your website.


Understand Key Performance Indicators

You may have certain objectives for your website. The first thing you need to do is identify those objectives to objectives your SEO efforts. These objectives could be anything from generating leads for doctors, collecting emails for doctors to enhancing patient satisfaction or Pensacola Medical  pay per click activities. Your objective could be anything depending on your choice.  Set Goals in Google Analytics

 Once you are done with your objectives, then you need to set these goals in Google Analytics. In this SEO tool you can easily set your goals such as number of visits, clicks on specific link, completion of transaction, downloads, visitor actions, etc.  When a goal is reached you can check it easily and you can know the output of your efforts as well.

Key factors for Medical SEO tracking

When setting your SEO goals,  make sure you set targets suits your need. But if we talk about the most important SEO factors, it includes total traffic, bounce rate, new visits, repeat visits, and conversion of free or paid visits into customers.  

Traffic stands for the entire visit on any particular website in a day. Bounce rate gives you a detailed information about those visitors that immediately left your site without any significant activities. New visits and repeat visits talk about completely new and repeating visitors respectively. Conversion includes those visitors who visited your website via organic search or pay per click method and converted into your customer.


Once you get the complete knowledge of these details, you can take next steps for SEO accordingly. You can invest more of your efforts in those areas where you are getting results.  Also, you can change your strategy in those areas that are not giving any benefits. This way, you can use Google Analytics to improve your Medical SEO in easy manner.



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