High-End Gift For Men With High-End Taste

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There is a common assumption which is that men have simple taste. As true as this may be, there are also men out there who have somewhat of a refined taste and interest in the finer things. Shopping for these types of individuals can be extremely difficult, especially, as in most cases it means that they often get everything they desire and do not really need anything else. So, to help you purchase something a little more extravagant than you normally would, we have come up with some gift ideas for the modern man.


The Clean Shave Shaving Set


With the beard craze continuing, the modern men of the world are now looking into clean shaves. The Clean Shave shaving set is more than your traditional shaving sets with an executive safety razor, a badger shaving brush and a steel lather bowl, making it feel a little old-school. When it comes to disposable razors, it can be infuriating and you often find yourself changing blades mid-shave, which is why the Clean Shave kit helps those with extravagant taste.


For $49.99 you have something that will tickle the tastes of the extravagant.


KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven


There is a little gourmet inside of each and every one of us, which is why the KettlePizza basic pizza oven is the perfect gift. It makes pizza making fun again and not just something that you stick in the oven, which can quite often end up burning! All you need to do is place it above stainless sleeve across a wood or charcoal fire and wait for it to heat up! Once you’ve done that your pizza will be ready before you know.


$107.01 is the price for this but it is something that you will not regret.




As we have mentioned, when it comes to men with refined taste it can be difficult to purchase jewellery for them, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t. We are not talking about purchasing them a 4 figure watch like a Perrelet, or even purchasing them a gold embedded, Gucci necklace for that matter, we are talking about small items of jewellery that are extravagant. Search the internet and see if you can personalised cuff-links, tie clips or even sunglasses case. These are the minor pieces of jewellery and accessories that can make the difference.


The price will vary depending on what you purchase.


Samsung Gear VR


VR is now starting to take over and for gamers, it is a dream come true. It is an opportunity for them to get involved in the game and also for them to entertain themselves on a different level. The following VR headset is amazing as it uses graphical processors, an AMOLED screen and is finished with the 360-degree picture. It can work with a host of different Samsung phones and is perfect for those who feel they have everything.






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The $99.99 price is way less than you would expect for a VR set!

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