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Many people ask and wonder that why high school students required a cover letter. Nowadays you have to find many undergraduate and high schools students in the job market. They finding jobs that provide suitable timing and a good pay which fit into their education schedule. For that students need to get a proper resume or cover letter so you look stand out in the crowd. Students need a resume to show to the various managers as possible.

I am sure that you all may amaze after knowing what elements must be included in a high school student cover letter and resume. By giving an attractive and well-organized cover letter then it does not matter how little your experience do you have but you need to show to your employer that you are responsible and able to make your position in the market.

So this article is the solution to all the student’s problems related to the cover letter and resume who want to just start their career by doing the part-time or full-time job. Currently, there are many jobs for the high school students in the market. Here you can find the sample of high school cover letter which would help you to enter the workforce career.

I assure you that this article helps you to prepare the high-quality cover letter for high school teenagers.

Your Name

Your Address

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Employer Name



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Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name,

I am delighted in replying for the employment opportunity that is mention on your website. Kindly accept this letter and I am supplementary attach this resume as a proof of my knowledge and skills for a particular job. I feel that my skills and qualification is capable for this job and prove an asset for an organization.

Presently I am passed high school from a very well-known school. Now I want to look for a privileged job that will enhance my experience in my building career. Below I represent a my

Main strengths that will highlight my character.

1. A self-starter.

2. Disciplined.

3. An excellent communicator.

4. Always willing and keen to learn new things.

5. Excellent at customer service.

6. Ability to work in team worker.

I am very confident while accepting new challenges and while the adaptation of new change in the business or position. I always try to fulfill my commitment to self-confidence. Always keep records and do all the calculation with efficiency and I just required a few guideline to complete the assigned tasks.

In my high school, my teachers assign different important responsibility to organized various tasks. Also, I take part in various cultural and other school shows. I also have command of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel, and the Internet.

I would be very happy if you consider my application. Hope to wait to meet you soon and hear more about your company.

Thank for the consideration in advance.


You’re Signature

Your Typed Name

Things that must be contained in your high school cover letter:

1. Why you want a job. This is one of the areas where an employer will pay more focus. So if you as a student searching for a job so to save a money or buying your favorite thing. Show your courage related to particular employment because you have certain goals in your life.

2. Express your willingness to be a part of a team. This is also an important thing to show that you are very keen and ready to work in a team environment. Because when you are willing to work in a team it feels that you have required skills and abilities to work in a mix cultural environment and have the patience to wrong things for a while.

3. As you just passed out your high school so do not have much experience but you have an ability to learn and adopt new things quickly. This will show that when your training is complete you can do your work without any supervision of work.

4. The willingness of work shows that you are ready to work on a weekend and night shifts. Companies looking for employees who enthusiastically devoted their time to work not just to get money and that solves. Keep in mind that you need a job more than the employer needs you because they have other choices as well to hire experience employee rather than hire a student with no experience.

Providing an attractive cover letter and resume increase a chance that an employer may consider your application. Do my Assignment for me Australia some extra work to make your cover letter stand out in the crowd. It is also suggested to start your career from high school so that at the time of your graduation you are in a supervision position.



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