History of Online Gaming: from Arcade to Mobile Phone

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People have long used games to escape from the stresses of everyday life. In the beginning, arcade games were a much simpler version of what they are now. In 1950 the very first video game was released to the world. It was referred to as Bouncing Ball and was designed to be played on the Whirlwind Computer, a machine created at MIT. Though there was no player interaction possible in the game, it set the stage for future arcade titles. 

One year later, in the UK, a local engineer created a computer called Nimrod, as well as a game to run on it by the name of Nim. Prior to the creation of the Nimrod no computer had ever been built for the sole purpose of enabling a video game. Nim is a strategic two-player game that required players to remove objects out of various trash heaps. The player that removed the last object from the heap was the winner of the game. The next year, OXO was created to run an early version of Tic-Tac-Toe. It was the first game in which a player would compete with a computer. 

Fast forward to the 1970s and arcade games such as Pong were created. This game launched today’s video game industry and made history in doing so. By 1980 the world was introduced to a game called Pac Man and the industry would never be the same again. 

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s arcade games continued to blow up. In the mid-1990s online casinos were beginning their entry into the gaming world. Mobile devices were a few years away, but when they arrived, mobile users went crazy over a game called Snake. At one time virtually, every new mobile phone manufactured included the Snake game and gained a following throughout the country. 

Pretty soon, mobile games like Snake were being abandoned in favor of online casino games, especially slots. One of the early hits in the online casino industry was a video slot machine game called the Book of Ra. Game developed by the Austrian software company named Novomatic. This game is a staple at the majority of online casinos and continues to be a classic that players never seem to grow tired of. It is very easy for Internet users to find and experience the free demo version here, which allows them to try Book of Ra without having to spend their own money to do so. 


Online casinos have found that games such as Book of Ra and every one that has come since have been a real treat for players. One of today’s hottest trends is creating casino games that feel like an arcade game with a twist. This speaks to the ongoing success of the online and mobile gambling industry and shows that players have a great deal of influence over the types of games that casinos are carrying. The growth of the industry is expected to continue as online gaming becomes more and more popular.

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