Holidays And Momentous Occasions Can You Buy?

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Every year in the UK, millions of people celebrate religious festivals and momentous occasions and they use this as a way to get together with their families and to express their faith. Even if you are not religious, there are lots of occasions for you to send cards that congratulate people on these special occasions.

You can put a lot of thought into the cards that you are sending. There are several religious holidays which will prompt you to send a card in greeting:

·         Christmas

·         New Year

·         Eid

·         Diwali

·         Rakhi

Christmas Cards

When you send Christmas cards from Greetings House, you are showing other people that you are thinking about them. Even people who are not religious love to receive these cards on the 25th of December. You have a lot of choices, so you should choose a wide selection.

The Christmas Cards That You Can Pick: Traditionally, Christmas cards depict a snowy scene with trees, reindeer and Father Christmas. You could also choose more modern cards which have impressionist depictions of the festival. People will be overjoyed that they have received a Christmas card from you.

New Year

New Year is a special time because it allows people to look back and reflect on the previous twelve months. You can send people a card with all your shared memories from the past year. You can also wish people luck in the new year.

The New Year Cards That You Can Pick: You want to pick happy cards that give people hope for the year ahead. Many people send cards that have balloons and pictures of dancing people. This will give the recipient a good start to the new year.


Eid marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. During that time, many Muslims will fast from sunrise to sunset in order to express their faith. You can send cards to people that you know who are going to be celebrating the Eid festival.


The Eid Cards That You Can Pick: Many Eid cards are relatively simple, without pictures. They will usually have a brightly coloured background with some writing on. You could choose writing in English or Arabic, providing that you completely understand the message.

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