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A lot of movies are being released each year. The number of films that are being made today is greater compared to the start of the film industry. The reason for this is that movies are becoming more and more popular as the time passes by. As a matter of fact, the film industry earned billions of dollars each year. If a picture is considered to be great, it can earn billions of dollars all over the world.

Genres of Movies

Nowadays, watching films have become a lot easier compared to before. This is due to the fact that films are now being classified in different genres. By doing this, people will be able to know the general theme of the various movies that are available to the general public. Some of the genres of movies that are known today are romance, comedy, science fiction, romantic comedy, thriller and horror.



Horror Films

Horror films aim to give their audience the fright of their lives as they watch these movies. They contain a villain that wants to kill all of the actors in the plot of the story. Today, one of the biggest horror films in Hollywood is horror film called It. This Hollywood movie has gotten a hype ever since it was announced that the film will be released this year. A lot of Stephen King fans have waited patiently for its premiere and the good thing is that the movie did not disappoint viewers. You can watch some amazing horror movies on 123movies.

Success of the Horror Film It

The movie It that was released not so long ago is actually a remake of the popular novel that was written by Stephen King, a famous horror and thriller writer. Horror films in the Hollywood scene usually do not become a huge success. However, in the case of this horror film, it has become a huge hit since its release. It has gathered $123 million during its opening weekend which is considered to be record-breaking for all of the horror genre of movies.


It: After the Success

Because of the success that this film has reached, it was announced that a second installment of this horror film will be made and released. For those people who cannot get enough of the main antagonist of this film, a killer clown named Pennywise, this is great news for them because they will be able to see another story wherein they will be able to see and feel the horror, suspense, and terror that this clown brings to people.

Horror Films in the Movie Scene

The horror film It might have gotten a huge success for its opening weekend but it might not be able to hold its record for too long for there are a few horror movies that are going to be released soon. These horror films have also gotten the interest of the general public. But even if this film may not be able to hold the record for long, it has given a bright tomorrow for the future horror films in Hollywood. How long will It hold its record? We’ll have to wait and see.

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