How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Business

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According to Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google, all our devices will soon be connected, and the internet will disappear. The Internet of Things (IoT) will facilitate the creation of unlimited opportunities in every aspect of life and business. Experts believe that at the moment, IoT is at the same level the Internet was in the early 1990s.

If that argument holds, IoT will have completely revolutionized the way we conduct our activities in a few years. It means that soon, every man-made object will have its IP address and connected to the cloud. What does that mean for the field service industry? Well, IoT has the potential to transform the nature of field service business more so in the future. Here are some of how IoT can change your business:

Redefining Service

The word ‘service’ in the context of field service refers to fixing an ineffective or broken object or device. Therefore, the word service denotes a reactive approach, after the damage has already been done. The Internet of Things seeks to redefine ‘service’ in every sense of the word by changing how businesses in field service sector approach delivery. Since Hadoop hit the business world over five years ago, advanced GPU databases are quickly penetrating the market and any business looking to reap big in technology should be ready to revolutionize how data is stored and managed.

Instead of waiting until some breaks down so that you can go and fix it, you can use the Internet of Things to develop a proactive approach. IoT does that by anticipating the need and identifying things before they become an issue. IoT is helping ‘service’ provide assistance before a problem is identified. IoT uses big data, cloud technology, and mobility to optimize predictive maintenance.

Lower Inspections

Field service technicians have to make a return visit for 75 percent of the serve calls they get. In most cases, the reason as to why the technician has to make a return visit for a service call is because they don’t have certain tools, parts, or equipment they need and, therefore, can’t do the job. The Internet of Things can help your business avoid such.

Some equipment, tools, and devices are onboard with sensors and microchips and are capable of reporting on performance. These IoT devices help reduce the need for technicians to conduct inspection visits in person. Field service technicians can eliminate the unanticipated need for the return visit by making sure that they arrive with exactly what they need for a warranted visit.

Inventory Management

Today, technicians in the field can get real-time access to the warehouse data where they can obtain inventory insights conveniently, thanks to the connectivity of mobile technology. When they need a new part, they can signal the operations team back in the warehouse using their IoT connected devices. If you have a field service management software, mobile technology is extremely useful.

Mobile technology has led to an increase in response time to unexpected events to more than 30 percent, according to a survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group. The quality of customer service, according to the same group increased by 65 percent and the company’s ability to tackle customer service requests increased by 29 percent. Better field service management leads to higher levels of productivity and, in turn, more profit.


Lack of context, coupled with poor communication leads to delays and subsequently, a lot of frustration among the customer base. This situation was common before the Internet of Things. IoT and automation through field service management software improve customer service and facilitates the creation of lasting relationships.

This is no longer the pen and paper era; the world is changing fast. Businesses have a lot to gain by embracing emerging technologies such as IoT. Field service b usinesses shouldn’t be left behind; you don’t want to be playing catch up in the future. Integrate IoT into your field service business.

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