How Can I Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

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With internet users being quite addicted of Facebook account recovery, users often find themselves in big trouble that can be related to Facebook hacking. As the popularity of Facebook has broken the shackles and has reached new height, many of the users look to sign up with this social media podium. But, they have no idea how to keep FB account secure. They generally access the same at public PCs and make it highly prone to get hacked.

In case the FB account gets hacked due to one or the other reason, these users cannot recover Facebook password in quick time without any reason. Being non-technical with lack of knowledge, they are not aware of hacked Facebook account recovery techniques.

Is My Facebook Account Really Hacked?

Here are the signs that can help you know whether your Facebook account is secure or hacked by cyber punks

  • Facebook account cannot be accessed using the correct login credentials
  • Login password shared publicly on Facebook wall
  • Facebook wall full of spam or junk messages or unsolicited images
  • Adult images and video uploaded in album as well as shared with contacts
  • Post or updates published by unknown users
  • Messages sent to unknown Facebook users whose name cannot be identified
  • The Facebook business page has been removed or deleted
  • Chat messenger used to send secure password
  • Recovery phone number and email has been modified

Here is the procedure to recover the Hacked Facebook account:

  • Open a web browser and type in the address bar
  • Press enter and wait for the page to displayed
  • As the page is displayed, you will find a dialog box with a text message and button “My Account is compromised”
  • Enter the old password, you were using till now to access the Facebook account
  • Press continue button to proceed further
  • Now click on get started button doing which you can proceed ahead with recovery of compromised facebook account.
  • Validate the accunt details by receiving verification code on recoveyr phone number or email address.
  • Once it is done successfully, recocognise the image of friends correctly and click on submit button.
  • If you correctly recoognise your friends, the option will appar to type the new password twice.
  • As you do the same, click on next button in, which it is asked to logout from other devices
  • Do the same as asked as it will prevent unauthorised users from accessing Facbeook acocunt
  • Enable 2-step verification immediately to prevent Facebook account from hacking attempts

Once you follow all the above mentioned steps in a proper way, the compromised facebook account is now again under your control. In case you are not able to do the same, get it done with the help of autonomous tech support organisations just by giving a call at third-party Facebook support phone number as the experts available will be offering you immediate assistance that is not possible if you avail help from official Facebook helpcenter.

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