How Click Fraud Is Making You Desperate And How To Avoid It?

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Are you aware of click fraud protection? If not, then today is the time to grow the awareness regarding this. You should do it for your interest because if you don’t know how click fraud is making you fool, then you can’t figure out why your business isn’t growing enough even though there are a lot of clicks from different sources coming to your site on a regular basis.

So, learning this will help you find click fraud protection.


How is click fraud fooling you?

I’ll discuss everything with real-life examples so that you can get that well.


By getting you clicks, no sales

So, you’ve just bid for a PPC campaign for some keywords to sell some affiliate products from your website. After starting your advertising, you’re waiting to see a great result. And you know the great result means some initial sales.


You see a lot of clicks on your ads, but at the end of the day, you’re getting a few or no sales. Why is this happening? The answer is click fraud protection. It’s true that the reason for having no sales might also be caused because of poor content having on your site, but if you double check your content and find that no sales are coming in, then you can be sure that there are many clicks which are phony clicks.


Many website owners blame this that they’re getting a lot of clicks on their sites, but no sales. If they analyze their traffic, they’ll surely see that most of the clicks are fake ones.


Once, I was experiencing this sort of result on my site. One day, I saw that there were almost 500 clicks, but no sales. What happened? Then, I analyzed the visitors and found that around 450 visitors weren’t real.


Since the visitors weren’t from paid ads, I wasn’t worried much about that. But, these sorts of robots are everywhere to visit your site. So, who knows when some robots will attack your site through paid ads and leave it without any sales?


Click fraud is not only caused by robots. People can do this too. Suppose that one site owner who publishes AdSense ads on his site is clicking one of your ads again and again to get more commissions. For this reason, Google has become very sensitive regarding AdSense clicks. If they see any abnormal clicking on a specific ad, then they ban or warn the respective publisher so that this doesn’t happen again. Also, the publishers are told to report any abnormal clicks on their AdSense ads.


In this case, the clicker is a real human being, but the click is fraud because the intention behind the clicking is only to make some profits illegally.


So, whoever the visitor is, you’ll see no sales if they’re from fraud clicks.


By taking hundreds of dollars from you for nothing

This is very easy to understand, and for this, people work hard to fight click fraud. The click fraud protection brings money from you for nothing.


This is because you’re advertising with PPC networks for driving your targeted customers. Every visitor of your site, who’s clicking any of your advertised ads, is costing you the PPC amount set for that advertising.


Suppose that in a day, one of your ads is being hit with 100 fraud clicks and the ad’s CPC is $0.5, then, you’ll lose $50 which has been just wasted. Now, calculate if you carry on like this for a whole week or a month, then how much money will you lose?


So, here you can see a big game of click fraud. For this reason, you should detect click fraud protection and take necessary actions to save your business.


By making you happy even though there’s nothing to be happy

Click fraud protection often makes us happy because we can see that there’s a traffic spike on our sites if there are fraud clicks with them.


One day, I shouted out with wow because my site received an unbelievable number of pageviews on that day. Initially, I was very happy to check my traffic. Eventually, I became sad because I saw that the number of pageviews was totally impossible to the visitors that came to my site on that day. Certainly, some robots came to my site and turned the pages of it again and again, thus that excessive number was shown.


The happiness due to involving click fraud is not just because of excessive pageviews, but because of repeat visitors too. It’s not likely that the same visitor will visit your site hundreds of times, but it’s very likely to see this if that visitor is a robot.


So, if you become happy due to seeing that your site is being visited by the same visitors, you shouldn’t be happy at all. This is because a robotic behavior is this to visit the same page again and again.


That means if you start PPC campaign and see that many repeat visitors are hitting your site again and again, then you should be suspicious rather being happy.


Here’s not the end of happiness by seeing an excessive number of traffic to your site due to click fraud protection. You can be fooled by seeing a great average duration time of reading your content. You may think that wow, my content is good enough to enthrall my readers, and thus they’re reading them for a long period of time. Ultimately, your good content might not be the cause of reading them for a long time.


Suppose that one of your PPC keywords points a post of your site that has 1000 words in it. Do you think that staying on this content for 50 – 60 minutes by a single visitor is okay? Never, if it were a real visitor, then the time spent on the post would have been much less.


Sometimes, you may be happy to check that some of your ignored content has been read by hundreds of times. You’re happy to think that today was the day when some of your readers have explored the engaging content of your site, but this may not be true. Who knows a robot might have entered into that content and read it for a long period of time. Not only is that the robot may land the same content again and again too.


So, all these events make us happy, but we can’t be ultimately happy if all these things have been happened because of click fraud protection.


By taking you in a great depression

The final stage of making you fool is to make you desperate. You started your PPC campaign with peace of mind, but what the heck is happening? You’re pouring a lot of dollars in advertising, but the ultimate result is almost zero.


Imagine a situation like this. You’ll surely be in a great depression.


But, the good news is that you can get rid of this sort of hectic situation by taking some measures. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. You can save your paid accounts from click fraud by taking some necessary actions.


Now, I’ll tell you in brief how to avoid click fraud.


How to avoid click fraud?

There are a couple of ways that you can do to keep your online business safe from these harmful activities like click fraud.


First of all, you should know that you need to detect click fraud to prevent it. Click fraud protection can be done in many ways.


You can detect click fraud using Google Analytics as well as Bing Webmaster Tools. You can enable automated filtering in both the tools.


You can also analyze click fraud protection manually. This sort of click fraud monitor is time-consuming, but pays-off in the long-run.


Check whether there’s any abnormal spike in traffic of your site. If you find any, analyze it. Some of the common suspicious activities are an excessive number of pageviews, abnormal period of average duration, a great number of repeat visitors etc.


Once you have become able to detect click fraud in your accounts now is the time to block the IP addresses of the suspicious visitors. You can use both Google and Bing to block the IP addresses of your suspected visitors.


If you fail to achieve a great result by deploying all these techniques of click fraud protection, you don’t have to worry about it. This is because there are some tools that you can use for click fraud protection.


TEA Software is such type of software that can detect click fraud by monitoring your traffic real-time. This click fraud protection software can make your task of detecting click fraud super easy. So, you should start using this type of software and keep staying focused on your business.


You can see that click fraud protection is a dangerous activity that can make you fool and the aftermath of severe click fraud protection has a serious effect on your online business. So, be aware of this matter and stay safe from it. Learn more here.

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