How Do I Clear Print Unable 32 Error Of Brother Printer From The LCD Display?

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Want to get rid of error Print Unable 32 Error of Brother Printer from the LCD Display and don’t know how to do so, then either follow the below given steps or get Brother Printer customer support.
 Steps to Clear Print Unable 32 Error are as follows:-

Step-1: Using the On/Off switch situated on the right side of the printer, simply power off the printer.
Step-2: Open the front cover, by pressing the front cover release button.
Step-3: Pull out the drum unit as follows:
•    Lift the drum unit up by; holding the green handle of the drum unit and then pull it out until it stops.
•    Now, gently release the gray lock lever, which is on the left side of the machine. After this using the green handles on the drum unit, pull the drum unit completely out of the printer.
Step-4: Carefully remove any scraps of paper, or labels, after the drum unit has been removed

Step-5: Take out the 4 toner cartridges from the drum unit. After this hold the handle of the toner cartridge as well as pull it out of the drum unit. Also repeat this process for each and every toner cartridges.

Step-6: Here also check for pieces of paper or labels, which may be stuck on or in the black rollers.

Step-7: Turn the drum unit back over as well as reinstall the toner cartridges.

Step-8: Using the green handle, put the waste toner box back in the printer

Step-9: Put the belt unit back in the printer. Also match mark   on the belt unit to mark   on the printer.
2.    Put the drum unit back in the printer and close the front cover. Power the printer off and back on, if the message still remains.
In case your problem remains unchanged then let handle experts handle your issue. So simply call at Brother Printer support phone number and enjoy world class solution with ease.

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