How HCG Diet Can Be Better With These 7 Diet Tips To Eat Not Fat

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HCG Diet is well known balanced diet plan which excretes the excess fat from your body and makes you feel better.

It is a hormone taken from women’s placenta and produced clinically. This can diminish hunger and fatigue brought upon by adhering to a very-low-calorie diet.

This theory was practically noticed by an endocrinologist who has accidentally found while treating teens with a glandular condition that caused obesity.

He found that HCG can burn fat, but requires a diet menu that has anorexic characteristics.


There should be a menu plan that should be followed along with using the hcg drops.


How and where you can buy drops of  HCG:


Drops that HCG is made is produced from is available under several brand names.

I has reviewed several sites online and came to a conclusion that best reviewed product is better to use, which has minimal side-effects.

As you might be thinking HCG drops is better than injections. This is absolutely true for who wanted take drops instead of injections.

This is what external needed while you follow HCG diet along with drops.


Original HCG Diet:


Your meals should start with a sugarless coffee or tea for breakfast – 1 tbsp. of milk is permissible.

For lunch or dinner, you can take a limited list of very lean meats with all fat trimmed off prior to cooking, a vegetable, slice of bread and fruit.

While it’s OK to have lunch and dinner, it’s difficult keeping a full meal at around 250 calories. The purpose of the HCG hormone, however, is to ease feelings of hunger. The below are the some more diet tips that increase your chances of lowering fat.



7 Diet Tips To Eat Not Fat:

1. The “courage to leave food” into “the habit of leaving food”. For those who experienced a difficult period, often spell to food to eat, “saving the rest”, this is one of the most easily lead to eating disorders and obesity

Habit, must change. Best time only a small amount of food, eat so far.

2. Centered on rice, deserve to go up all kinds of dishes, so that we can guarantee adequate nutrition, and reaches satiety.

3. Eat faster, 20 more than once per mouth chewing, eating slowly is good for weight loss.

4. Add a bowl meal, drink a cup of tea first, wait for a period of time, can make the satiety center produce full sense and control the appetite.

5. Don’t eat while doing things, so that unable to concentrate, in imperceptible in excess food easily. At the same time, carefully taste delicious dishes, may let you also want to eat after the meal, and destroyed the diet plan.

6. Stay away from temptation. Should avoid as far as possible and to eat or eat a lot of people to dinner soon, you will easily be tempted to eat some more.


7. Don’t get into the habit of conveniently get food. Don’t place easy to eat the food around me, especially the snacks. Because there is no too many snacks nutrition, and very easy to cause the excess energy. Do you want to never get fat, then follow the above 7 points!!!

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