How I Became an Expert Literary Genius

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How to Become an Expert Literary Genius in Your Spare Time

When it comes to being an expert literary genius, to quote Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” You have it within your grasp to become an expert of your literary landscape. Here are some ideas on how to fulfill that goal.


Literary Readings

Many bookstores, universities, cafes, and community centers sponsor literary readings. This is your chance to hear authors share their words and stories before a live audience. Buy a book or a subscription to a literary journal and support the arts at the same time that you enjoy them.


Literary Festivals

Many towns and cities sponsor literary festivals where established and emerging writers, publishers, editors, and critics give talks, seminars, and book signings. A literary festival is a party for the those who love the craft of creating a narrative. Many festivals are held in cities famous for a frolic, so consider attending a literary festival as part of your holiday vacation.


That is so Classic!

Read contemporary literature and also the timeless classics. The former helps you to appraise the world today, the latter is a way of understanding timeless core values, human archetypes, and philosophy, and literature illustrates that the great themes are timeless.



Listen to the people around you share their experiences in the world of books. What they read, what they thought of it, what it made them remember, and how it impacted them. It will lead you to the great works and it is a wonderful way to gain insight into the people who are close to you.


Your Guide to Great Literature

There is so much that is worthy of your time to study and read. There are many roadmaps to find the books that will enhance your viewpoint, compassion, and impart the wisdom, humor, pathos, and overarching worldview that stories can impart. To discover the great books, try a range of options to stretch your perspective. Suggestions: Read the Romeo and Juliet study guide questions to find a way to open analysis on this masterwork. Join a book discussion bulletin board. Scan Goodreads. Review periodicals devoted to books, such as the New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and Library Journal.


A Meeting of the Minds

If you are in school or college, consider joining an honor society to meet others who are also working on becoming expert literary geniuses. Out in the, world join a book club to read the great classics and contemporary masterworks. As you read, make notes of observations and questions to share with the group.


Writers Groups

You have a story to tell. If you want to find others who are going through the experience of crafting their own works of literary, speculative, and genre fiction, philosophy, poly-sci, poetry, and screenplays, then join a group and take the solo endeavor to the level of actively producing, examining, and sharing works in progress.


Giving Back to the Community

Now that you understand how literature can improve the quality of an individual’s life by reading stories that tell the truth about our lives, that inculcate ideas, that introduce problem-solving skills, empathy, and compassion, share that passion. Volunteer to read to school children. Get involved with an immigrant or adult literacy program. Consider contributing to prisoner literacy programs. Donate a book to your library. Volunteer at a literary festival. It is a genius idea to give back to your community of writers, readers, and bibliophiles.


Reading and writing are methods of establishing a communication, a relationship; it is a meditation on the foibles and nobility and complexity of what it means to be human. To celebrate the ephemeral, the temporal, and the sublime. Being a literary genius, you have read this and now you are ready to continue on your path to greatness, as Shakespeare would have it.


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