How LED Lighting Can Save You Money?

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LED lighting has many benefits; from longevity, to durability and light quality. But one benefit makes LED lighting products especially popular, its energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means that the lighting source uses less power, and less power is saved money!

The LED technology today can substitute practically any other lighting source on the market right now, and it will always be the more preferable solution. Why, you ask? Simply because the LED technology is the environmentally friendly, the long lasting and the money saving-solution. Some still question the price of purchase of LED lighting sources, and with good reason, as they can be significantly higher than the traditional counterparts. What these fail to realise, is that the energy and wattage use is correspondingly lower, meaning that the LED lamp or fixture will pay back its own purchasing price in energy savings. The longevity also means that the LED lamp or fixture will last 3 or 4 times longer than traditional lighting sources.

A popular comparison to make, when discussing the money-saving opportunities within the LED technology, is the LED vs. Halogen comparison. Some LEDs today are developed and manufactured to fit directly into halogen sockets, which makes the comparison highly relevant. The GU10 spot is one of the most complete substitutes for the traditional halogen spot. Replacing a traditional halogen spot, a GU10 LED spot will be 80-90 % more energy efficient. The average halogen spot will have a lifespan of approx. 2,500 hours, whereas a GU10 LED spot will last at least 30,000 hours or more. This means that if you go for the halogen spot solution, you will have more than a few trips to the supermarket. The GU10 will all in all save you a lot of money, and will pay back its own purchasing price in less 1 year. See more at:

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