How long does my website take to be on the first page of Google ?.

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Surely this question is asked by many of you and we are accustomed to listen to many of our customers.

The logical answer to this question is always “depends”, since the variables that affect, for a page to appear in the top positions of Google are many, among others: website strength, competition, budget, skills Company or person that manages SEO, backlinks, technical notions when developing the project etc.

Ahrefs , decided to give an answer to this question and we will try to explain the studies that made and the conclusions as it seems very interesting.

They used the historical classification of some domains, to be able to give a quantifiable and concrete answer, having at least one point of reference.

They decided to take into account the “age” of the pages that copy the first positions in search engines and identified them. They took 2 million random keywords and saw page data falling into the Top 10 rankings for each of them. This study gave rise to this graph.

As you can see, the average ranking in the Top 10 is for pages older than 2 years. If we focus on the data that covers the first position, they are pages with more than 3 years of age (average).

Only 22% of the pages currently in the Top 10 are 1 year old.

Once they had all that data in front of them, they decided to find out what percentage of pages were in each position in that “Top 10” ranking and less than one year old.

Seeing all these results obtained from the study, we can say that the data are not promising for those who want to position their business in search engines if it is starting now, right? The SERP is clearly dominated by the “older” pages.

How long does it take for Google to rank our pages?

To answer this question, we randomly selected 2 million pages that were first tracked by Ahrefs a year ago.

They then crawled the historical position of each page for any keyword by which it is ranked.

The result was the following:

Only 5.7% of all the pages studied and classified in the search results, which made “ahrefs”, is in the TOP 10, with an age of 1 year and with at least 1 keyword.

Website pages with a high ranking of domain (DR) obtained a much better result than those that have the pages with a low DR (Domaing Rating is a metric of Ahrefs that shows the strength of the backlinks of a website). This should come as no surprise as this “DR” metric, with which the Ahrefs tool qualifies the domains, correlates very well with Google results.

Then, they saw that if we study in detail this 5.7%, most of the pages that have been “lucky” and entered the Top 10 Google, they did between days 61 and 182.

Looking at this graph, you might think that, on average, a page takes from 2 to 6 months to enter the Google Top 10, but logically this conclusion is wrong, since this data only represents 5.7% of the pages Which entered the Top 10 in less than a year, while almost 95% of the other pages that have entered this survey have not reached the Top 10 during that year.

If we focus on the type of keyword, we see that the data reveal that only 0.3% of the pages in the Top 10 have a high-volume keyword in less than a year. (When we talk about high volume keywords, we mean keywords that have more than 50,000 searches in a month.)

We leave you a last graph where you see, which pages fall into the Top 10, within that 5.7% of “lucky” pages, broken down by search volume by keyword type.

Clearly we can see that for low volume keywords, positioning in a very short time, while high volume search, take almost a year to enter the Top10, not forgetting that this conclusion only applies to a 5, 7% of the “lucky” pages that went into the Top 10 in the first year.


Analyzing all the data from this study by ahrefs, we are clear that they do not give a definitive answer to the question asked at the beginning of this post, but if it shows that almost 95% of the pages that have been published recently will not reach the Top 10 In the first year and that most of the “lucky ones,” who manage to reach that Top 10, do so in about 2-6 months.


We are clear that pages that fall into the Top 10 should not be called “lucky” pages or “lucky” pages because the reason they made it to the Top 10 in less than a year is hard work and most likely, A great job for an seo company mississauga. Getting this kind of results is not a matter of luck.

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