How Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

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We all want our homes to look expensive. However, having a home of your dreams can be difficult especially when you are on a tight decorating budget. Fortunately, there are many styling tricks out there that can get you a high-end looking home. From timber flooring to wainscoting, these expert-approved styling tricks prove that you don’t have to spend much to make your house look expensive and timeless. Never let finances get in the way of a well-designed space. Here are some time-tested tricks you can use to make your guests think you spent a lot more than you really did.


Crown Moulding


Crown molding will help you bridge that gap between your walls and the ceiling and give your home a finishing that speaks of splendor and freshness. Crown molding will also make your home feel more welcoming and a little less austere. However, despite the fact that crown molding can be achieved with very little money, this style works best in large rooms while small spaces can benefit from simple installations.


Large Scale Art


Large-scale art can make you look like you are living a high-end life. Large and sophisticated paintings will give your home an elegant look that no other accessory can match. Large-scale art can be used as a visual break for homes that have a lot of bold finishes. In a more traditional house, experts advise homeowners to invest in paintings. Why? This is because paintings lend a certain gravity to your traditional decor, making your home look more beautiful and expensive.


Timber Flooring


Wood flooring is unique and can help you make your home look more expensive. Wood floors are inherently luxurious and using them to revamp your home adds a sense of grandeur in a way nothing else can. Premier suppliers, like Woodcut, provide timber flooring that is suitable for large spaces and small spaces as well. These floors are also good for transitional homes that balance modern and conventional elements because timber fits into both categories.




What is wainscoting? This refers to a type of wood paneling attached on the bottom half of a wall. In the past, interior designers used wainscoting as a way of adding extra insulation to a wall, but nowadays it is used for decorative reasons. Traditional wainscoting is expensive. However, experts have discovered a trick that is both easy and inexpensive. How does the trick work? All you have to do is arrange pieces of chair rail on your wall in a rectangular or square pattern and install using finishing nails. The trick will give your home an expensive look at a fraction of the price. For a more sophisticated and exquisite look, you can paint the molding the same color as the wall.




Having colorful pillows in your home serves two purposes. One, they provide comfort to you and your guests. Additionally, if they are chosen correctly, they create a very plush and elegant appearance. The large pillows are the best because they help in increasing the elegance factor. Speaking of size, avoid the usual 12 to 18 inches pillows. Instead, go for 22-inch pillow covers stuffed with 24-inch inserts.


Window Treatments


Let’s face it; a home that does not have window treatments looks unfinished and cheap. Window treatments are budget-friendly and should be part of your home. Window treatments will add freshness to your home and give you the privacy you need. When buying window treatments, take your time to ensure you make smart choices. Avoid see-through materials. They look terribly cheap and will fight your good-looking decor. Buy lined draperies. They are more sophisticated and appear elegant and luxurious. If you are not a draperies lover, you can try wood blinds or woven bamboo shades.


Remember that buying expensive accessories and furniture does not guarantee you a high-end looking home. Achieving an expensive look is all about going for the right pieces and using styling tricks. You can create an expensive look no matter your financial constraints.



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