How Many Students Drop Out of College and What Can Be Done about This?

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When you decide to enroll into college, you rarely think about the risk and possibility of dropping out. The same applies to your parents. Because of this, many students end up having to cover a variety of expenses without even getting their degree.
You don’t believe this? Well, the US Department of Education says that every 1 in 5 students drop out of college without getting a degree after six years of studying. And out of those who remain in college, only 60% graduate within this timeframe. The rest remain in college for more years to come, or transfer to another school.
Yes, college is inevitably hard, but we all knew that going in. Getting a college degree puts you in a much better position than those who do not have one, which of course comes with bigger burden. This is a huge reason to choose college in the first place, and the numbers should not change your mind about being enrolled. Instead, we should do everything we can to increase the number of college graduates.

What Can We Do to Improve Students’ Chance of Graduating from College?

Whether you are a student or a supportive parent of one, there are ways to ensure that students graduate from college. Here are the three most important things to consider:

1. College Selectivity
First of all, the chances of graduating from college depend on the selectivity of the school. According to the US Department of Education, the more selective a college is, the higher graduation rate they have. This is quite obvious, since students who perform well to start with are more likely to stick to the college program until they get the degree. Therefore, the first step in determining if a college has high success rate before you enroll in their program.

2. Choice of School
The second way to improve the chances of getting a degree is by choosing a better school. A better school is not necessarily a private school, but most private schools actually have the highest graduation level within the 6-year period. Still, there are also public institutions that have such reputation. Another factor to consider when choosing the school is the student interest. The more interested a student is in a subject or academic field, the more motivated they will be to study. An academic atmosphere can be challenging, so make sure that the school is a good match all-around.

3. Choosing the Right Major
Choosing the major is equally important as choosing the college. When a student switches majors in the middle of their course, this just adds up the years of study and expenses. Before a student enrolls into college, they must think of the career they will pursue afterwards. This process should include considering the student’s interests, their abilities, and opportunities that follow after getting the degree.

All these steps are essential for a student to graduate from college. Surely, many graduate from colleges with low success percentage, or end up with a degree they had no interest in learning. However, with these steps, the chances of success are much higher.

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