How not to Invest in yourself, and why the mindset on the first step of starting something is crucial.

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Hello Aluxers,

I am new on this page but I really love the youtube channel so i thought ‘ why not ‘.

Today I wanna share something which is very important to me. 

As English is not my native language I might make some mistakes, so I apologize in advance.

As I watch my surroundings I see a lot of interesting stuff which triggers my interest. So over the years I’ve watched people repeatedly making the same mistakes, so I came to the question: ‘how do I truly invest in myself?’ 

As an example I will take the classical gym story. One of my closer friends wants to loose some weight, get in shape and get some balance in his life. So first he looks for our other well- in-shape friend and asks himself ‘ what is the difference between me and him ‘. And so he focuses on the first obvious difference between them. One of them is going to the gym. So he goes to the gym and signs up for a One-Year contract. Afterwards he was there for like 4 weeks, slighty less motivated day after day and stops going to the gym. 

This story happens over and over again, just with other names and timeframes. I analyzed this behaviour several times and came to the following conlcusion. 

The FIRST Step he is taking, is the major mistake he is making. He does sign up for a contract in the belief that this investment is the only reason the other guy is so well in shape. Not taking all the diets, discipline and hard workouts into consideration.  If he really was interested in getting in shape, he could go jogging, start with working out at home or changing up his diet in advance. But he jumped right to the Investment because he thought that was the crucial step.

This Story translates well into other parts of life. If you’re considering to take on of your Ideas and make it into a start-up business, and you go to buy machines without having potential customers, and business knowledge or licenses you are skipping a lot of steps, which can lead to you failing. 

When you got the maximum out of the things you have, it is time for an Investment

Best Wishes

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