How To Add Fiber To Your Dog’s Diet?

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dog-diet-foodIn fact, there are many benefits of adding healthy sources of fiber to your dog’s diet. This is not considered as an essential nutrient, but it can be able to improve digestion and colon health. Indeed, it helps to not only maintain a healthy weight but also resolve cases of diarrhea and constipation. However, you need to talk to your vet before changing your dog’s diet. In this article, we will tell you how to add fiber to your dog’s diet. Check out to get them to give your dog extra fiber.


Why does a dog need fiber?


Your dog needs fiber for many reasons. Sure, your dog will get a healthy digestive system. If he is lack of fiber, he may deal with constipation, fat gain, as well as bloating. In addition, he also gets smelly anal glands.




Apples are a sweet food. In addition, they also are very rich in fiber as well as other beneficial nutrients. Don’t forget to remove the core and the seeds that are toxic to your dog. You can add both red and green apples as a treat or mixed with a meal.




You should think about canned pumpkin. This is a great source of fiber. Moreover, it’s so easy and effective. So, you should add it to your dog’s diet once a day. This will help to prevent constipation or diarrhea as well as aid in digestion. Furthermore, most dogs love the taste of pumpkin.


Brown Rice


This rice offers three times the amount of fiber you can get from white rice. That’s why you should mix them your dog’s dinner. But, your pet may get allergy because of grain. So, you have to find an alternative fiber source.


Vegetables & Fruits


You can also establish a fiber-rich diet for your dog by adding vegetables and fruits. It’s easy to use them as treats. Also, you can mix them with your dog’s meal. By this way, you can add both fiber and great flavor to your dog’s diet. You can choose safe fiber vegetables for your dog such as broccoli, peas, and brussels sprouts. For dog-safe fruits, you should choose raspberries, pears, and blackberries.


Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a great low-fat source of fiber. Sure, most of the dogs love sweet potatoes. You can easily make a meal with sweet potatoes. True, they can be steamed, baked, and boiled. Also, you can slice and hydrate them.




This food is often removed during processing. But, it is rich in fiber. Also, you can easily add to your dog’s diet. The common home remedies for constipation include oat bran, rice bran, and wheat bran. They are also great for people who are lack of fiber. In addition, these foods are also excellent choices for your dog. You need to soak bran in water. At the same time, mix them with dog food. This helps to make it more palatable.


Fiber in Dog Food


You can find fiber from most commercial dog foods. Remember to check the label of your dog food. You also should visit your vet. She will give you recommendations about a high-fiber food. In fact, most senior formulas, as well as low-calorie food, come with fiber. They can not only improve the digestive system but also help to stabilize your dog’s weight.




Cautions of Adding Fiber


Your dog doesn’t need too much fiber to make a big difference in his digestive system. You just should add a little of only one. And, you need to add more gradually if your dog is still suffering from constipation or anal glands. In fact, adding too much fiber can lead to diarrhea or excessive gas. Although fiber is a great source in your dog’s diet. It helps to improve digestive problems as well as lose a little weight. More importantly, you need to feed your dog the proper amount of fiber.



There are many different ways to get fiber-rich products. You can also contact your vet for recommendations. You can choose some dog snacks from different pet stores. They are also packed with fiber. In addition, don’t feed your dog too much fiber. Hope this post will help you.

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