How to Apply for Visa from Delhi to Study Abroad

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To study abroad, a visa is an entry card that gives permission to a candidate to enter into the country. Every year thousands of candidates get visa in Delhi to study abroad. The study abroad consultants in Delhi had helped many students in getting admission in their choice of university with the visa approval. The consultants help candidates in filling up the visa application form and make them prepare for the interview. They help them in providing accurate information and re check their documentation so as to no mistake can be done. 

When can apply for Visa?

It is mandatory to have visa before you travel to the country. Before applying for visa, you must have the University letterhead in which you are taking admission in abroad university saying that they are sponsoring you. 

What type of Visa required?

The Visa required may vary from country to country but the only thing that will be common is that you will be requiring non-immigrant study visa.

To know the exact type of visa required you must consult a study abroad consultant in Delhi

How to Apply?

  • Written proof statement in which it is saying that you have certain amount of money in your bank account that can be used to live there.
  • A proof that you can pay for your tuition fee either by loan or by yourself. 
  • After the application form is submitted, automatically an appointment will be fixed to take your fingerprints. It is very simple process.
  • After all these, the candidate has to send it passport along with the required documents that is asked by the embassy.
  • After the submission of documents, an interview will be conducting to get to know the general information about the candidate.
  • If all the above things get approved then along with the passport you will receive the Visa for the country you have applied. 

How long it takes to get Visa approval?

The visa approval might take some days or two to three weeks. It depends on which country you are applying. There are many types of visa but students who have a course period of 6 months must apply for tourist visa and the students who have a course period of one year or more must apply for student visa. The student visa might take more time than the tourist visa as student visa gets the approval of work during study and there are some more formalities that need to be checked for student Visa. If you have taken help from study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for Australian visa or any other country then they can give proper guidance as to how to apply and for which course and university to apply. 


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