How to Avoid Common Grammar Mistakes in Writing. Free Advice for Students

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When it comes to writing college papers, most students find grammar to be their enemy. It’s not until they are faced with a paper full of grammar errors highlighted in red that they realize their grammar isn’t at the level it should be. But how do you avoid grammar mistakes, and turn in error-free papers? While best essay writing services have grammar wrapped around their finger, you might need some extra guidance. Follow our tips and you’ll become a professional at detecting grammar errors in no time.


Read Your Paper Out Loud


After you’ve written your paper, and you’re about to turn it in, give it a last check. But this time, read your paper out loud. We all have a tendency to read over our errors because we’ve already written the paper, and we know what comes next, therefore, we’re highly likely to skip over the grammar errors and not notice them. You can spot missing articles and prepositions much easier, when you read out your paper out loud.


Print It Out


Paper is always better than the screen, because you are able to spot grammar errors easily on paper. When you’re ready to edit and proofread, grab a pen and drag your way through the sentences, circling every grammar mistake that you can find.


Check for Apositive


Apositive is added to a sentence to give more information about something. It’s not necessary, and a sentence without it is completely correct. Make sure you read your paper out loud, and check whether you are using appositives in a correct way.


Stick with a Tense


If you’re not a writing wiz, the best way to avoid grammar errors, especially those related to tenses, is to use the same tense in one sentence, without playing around with multiple tenses. That way you’ll save yourself time investigating whether the two different sentences can be combined properly, and you don’t have focus on checking this particular common grammar error.


Don’t Count on Spell and Grammar Checks


If you’re using Microsoft Word, for example, don’t rely too much on their grammar check, because sometimes it’s just not that great. Do your grammar check manually, or ask a friend to look through it with you. Computers are great, but human beings are better, at least when it comes to grammar checking.


Overall, it’s great to have a grammar book close by, so that you can open it and double check when you have the need for it. Make sure that you’re solely focused on grammar when checking and nothing else, otherwise you’re bound to miss something.


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