How To Become Stress-Proof

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Busy schedule, malnutrition, aggressive behaviour, millions of people who want something from you. Every day… You think you’re gonna lose your mind.

Relax. Take a deep breath. And don’t be reluctant to set aside a few minutes to read the following simple tips on how to remain calm and reasonable in our stressful environment.

As soon as you start feeling stressed or just annoyed, try to do a small 60-second exercise. Any physical activity is a natural stress-fighting protective mechanism for our brain. In 60 seconds you won’t get sweaty, or you won’t need to  delay your next appointments. So this doesn’t require any special preparation or post-refreshment.

Another helpful thing is breakfast. Have a light snack within an hour after waking up to fill your body with necessary portion of energy. In spite of many discussions concerning this topic, skipping breakfast is still a bad habit, seriously.

Be mindful. This is easier to do for those who practices meditation, of course. But absolutely everyone can teach to stay mindful. When you are feeleng that anger is rising in you, have a moment to think about it. Tell to yourself “Well, I’m getting angry, I see. But is it a good thing to feel? What if I say something I might regret later? Stop, everything is under control.” Another parts of your brain that react slower on irritants, will hear you and make your immediate reaction less immediate and bad.

Instead of focusing on avoiding stress, try to get the most benefit from the strengths and skills you have to fight stressors. When you make avoidance the goal, you become less effective and problem-solving. Think of positive ways to fight the stressor and how you might learn and grow dealing with it.

At this writing essay service you will find more tips and pieces of advice on how to make your brain, and cosequently, all your everyday activity, invulnerable to the stressors of any kind and nature.

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