How To Buy A New Watch

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Are you considering buying a new watch? Well, there many options available on the market. To find yourself on a site with lots of watches can become a daunting experience. There are many styles, brands, and technologies to pick from in South Africa. You need to equip yourself with some ideas on how to buy a new watch. It is only such which will offer guidance on what features to look for if you are to get a timepiece matching your needs. This article is prepared to get you drawn up on what to do if you are to buy online.

citizen watches in South Africa

Digital or analog

In the market, there are three kinds of watches, digital, analog, and analog-digital. You must know which kind will work for you. However, most top line watches are analog. Digital ones are budget friendly, yet analog watches can come at a premium price. Are you looking for a stopwatch? Then, you must go with a digital or analog watch,

Water resistance

Are you planning to take a dive with your watch or go in the outdoors where you might get soaked? Well, water resistance should be your top concern when looking at acquiring a new watch. They are rated for their capacity to resistance beginning from 30m to 300 m. those with a higher rating are more suitable for pro-divers. One rated at least 100m can be a good fit.

Shape of the watch

Men’s citizen watches in South Africa come with a round, square or rectangular shape with round ones being the most prevalent. For women, they also take the same forms including fashionable ones which can come in almost any shape. You have to remember that square, rectangle, and classic round watches can match with anything and on any occasion. Some watches can be purchased for a particular outfit though none can beat classic watches for all round wear.

Mechanical or quartz movement

Watches come in those two categories of movement and you must know which one to go for. Quartz watches are sub divided into automatic, battery or solar powered. Those which are mechanical are either automatic or hand winding. Battery powered watches are usually mid-priced. Quartz models have hugely replaced hand winding mechanical watches which used to be the mainstay of watches.

Band material and casing

You must as well mind about the case and material before purchasing a watch . These come in stainless steel, ceramic or plated base metal. The choice is largely up to you to choose which one will work for you. When looking at one to give you the longest wear, look for those with stainless steel or ceramic material. For luxury watches, gold-filled which is 100 percent great is preferred to gold plating because it is non-allergic. One with solid gold or silver is a lot better though it will set you back a few more Rands. You can as well find those made of leather, and they are classy and cheaper when replacing.

Watch features

What features would you like to be on your watch? Watches come with lots of unique features, so you need to have in mind what you are looking for in a watch. Do you need one with a 2-hour or 24-hour dial? Some watches come with features like altimeters, calculators, chronographer, alarm, automatic radio control, backlight, compass and much more. Look for a watch with those features you deem necessary for your needs.

Hope the article has given you some ideas on what to think about when buying a watch. They will help narrow your choices before you hit “add to cart”.

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