How to buy gold

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If you are ready to go looking for gold, or if you have already done so, you will see that despite the result (which will be negative most of the time) it is a highly recommended experience. Looking for gold can be a fun adventure to enjoy in your free time.

But at the same time, looking for gold, when the results are positive, can also become a very lucrative activity due to the high price of gold today.

Surely this is one of the biggest questions that will be invading you right now and the answer is simple: you can keep your gold or you can buy it and keep the money. Here are some tips that will help you when buy your gold nuggets:

Native gold (in the form of dust or nuggets) found directly in nature does not have a purity of one hundred percent, that is, it is not usually twenty-four carat gold, since it usually contains some impurities and parts of other metals (such as copper). or silver) in small quantities. Although there may be differences, usually the purity of the gold nuggets found in the middle of nature is usually around 90%.

To separate gold from any impurity it contains and obtain pure gold (24 carat), it is necessary to submit the raw mineral to a refining process. The result of this process could be, for example, converting your gold into pips in ingots. 24 carat gold.

There are several ways to perform this process of refining gold and you can find more information on how to do it at home if you search the Internet, but it is a dangerous process because it requires the handling and use of acids. Our recommendation is that if you can find gold, which is really difficult, do not complicate your life trying to refine it on your own. There are companies that are dedicated to this professionally and will be responsible for this process, as well as analyze your gold and offer you information about its purity and the corresponding certificate. This way it will be much easier for you to buy your gold.

If you do not know any company dedicated to refining gold near your location, you can surely find them through the Internet, or by asking at a jewelry store.

Normally these companies that are dedicated to refining gold also buy it, so buy your gold will be much easier than finding it.

It is important that you keep all the documentation related to the sale of gold to declare the origin of that money because obviously you must do it as stipulated by the laws of your country.

In short, if you are thinking of becoming an amateur gold seeker, you should not worry about anything other than searching for gold. Although it may seem obvious to find gold is the most difficult part of the process everything else is much simpler and you do not even have to do it yourself.


If you buy gold do not waste time with home experiments that can be dangerous, simply look for a company that is dedicated to buying and refining gold and so you can easily convert your native gold into gold bars.

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