How to Choose and Use Right Basement Air Purifier

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When cleaning is done for your home frequently, we give less importance or even sometimes completely ignore the basement. During heavy rainstorms, the challenge of water drainage from the basement is very challenging. As time goes, both the dust and mold build-ups are extremely prone in the basement. There is a countless number of basement air purifiers are available in the market, which can provide clean air in the basement and also avoid the problem of dust and mold build ups. But we need to select the one that serves our needs and purposes based on the size and the layout of the basement.

How to Choose and Use Right Basement Air Purifier

Why Use Basement Air Purifiers?

Basement is the space used mainly for utility purpose or to keep junk and old items. Most of the people don’t use the basement much. It is usually the most avoided space in your homes. Hence, people think and believe that the quality of air present in the basement is not at all a problem. It is a misconception of the people that are totally false. The low air quality of the basement which has been building up since a long time will start to affect the entire house. It will lead making the basement a playground for the different molds, fungus, and viruses which can get sucked into your central air conditioning and spread into rest of the areas in your house. It can get stopped from the source itself by using a basement air purifier, thus creating a clean and healthy environment in your basement and rest of the house.

Best Basement Air Purifiers

The market is flooded with many good air purifiers specifically for the basement. A high-quality HEPA filtration system is required to eliminate mold spores and dust. It is preferable in a good basement air filter and needs to get considered when buying the basement air purifier. It is also good to buy a basement air purifier with Carbon filtration, which helps in removing the harmful gases, odors, VOS, thus making it as another important feature to get included in the basement air purifiers.

Mostly smaller size basement air purifier gets opted by many for saving space. To save more space, people can even choose a wall mounted basement air purifier. Make sure that you buy a suitable model basement air purifier from a reliable brand so that it lasts a longer period making the spending worth.

In a good basement air purifier, it is recommended to have reminder function as to when to change the filters as it will be difficult for us to remember when the filter got changed last time and when new ones are to get installed. Another good feature on an excellent basement air purifier is automation function. Based on the quality of the air in the basement, the purifier unit must adjust itself as to which setting suits best for the excellent performance. It will be beneficial since we rarely spend our time in the basement, and also we find it challenging to go now and then and do the setting manually each time.

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