How to Choose Quality and Reliable Plastic Windows

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Today, it is almost impossible to see ordinary wooden windows in an apartment or a house. A few years ago they were confidently replaced by plastic windows, which are used not only in apartments but also in factories, offices and other buildings. If you have started renovation and do not know which plastic windows to prefer, then this article will certainly be useful for you.

What is the advantage of plastic windows? What are the best plastic windows for an apartment or a house? Good plastic windows in Kitchener do not just close and open – they perform many functions. The main one is in our latitudes, of course, heat saving. Owners of low-quality windows know well what kind of problem they can become in the winter. Cold and drafts are inevitable for those who decided to save and put the cheapest model of handicraft production. Moreover, choosing Newmarket windows you can keep heating bills low. But the best plastic windows provide an ideal thermal insulation – for example, when it is -5 oC on the street, the temperature near the inner glass never drops below +20 oC . In the summer, windows can protect the apartment from heat and too bright sun – for rooms facing south, you can choose windows with tinted double-glazed windows and protection from infrared radiation. An important function of plastic windows is soundproofing, especially for those who live near a busy road. 

When choosing a window, you should not start from the brand or, especially, the price, but from your own needs. What should I look for when choosing plastic windows? 

1. Material and uniformity of the profile. Usually, the profile for plastic windows is made of PVC, reinforced with metal. PVC is resistant to deformations, harmless to humans and the environment, is not afraid of changes in temperature, moisture, and solvents. It is possible to make not only standard square or rectangular PVC windows, but also designs of any form – round and semicircular, triangular, etc. 

2. Profile thickness. A profile has internal partitions. The thickness of the outer and inner walls of the profile is normalized. Depending on it, the profile is assigned to one of three classes – A, B or C.

3. The trend in a world of windows. Are you aware of trends of windows in Kitchener? The most popular ones are single and double hung, picture and awning windows. 

4. The number of double-glazed windows and their characteristics. A double-glazed window is a block of glasses that are tightly connected to each other. The space between the two sheets of glass is the camera. The most common double-glazed windows – two-chamber, consisting of three glasses and two cameras between them. 

5. Accessories. A plastic Newmarket window is a rather heavy construction, besides it is constantly exposed to loads – the windows are opened and closed daily. Therefore, the accessories for such windows should be particularly reliable. Most often, owners of cheap low-quality windows complain about the fittings – the pens are frayed and out of order, and even completely fall off, the window loops jam and warp.


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