How to Choose the Best Hidden Camera?

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Today, there are a lot of security cameras available on the market. They are used in some circumstances like keeping an eye on children. The thing you need is a discreet security system. These cameras may be built into common everyday items such as phone chargers, light bulbs, or clocks. Some of them can be able to stream photos as well as videos right to your smartphone. So, you can get peace of mind when you are away. Read this post, we will provide you some tips on choosing a hidden camera. At the same time, we also list the best hidden cameras on the market.

Look for a hidden camera blending well in your environment

Determine the position you plan to put your hidden camera. It depends on putting your camera indoor or outdoor. You should consider putting it in a concealment position such as smoke detector, an adapter, wall clock, picture frame, or thermostat. It’s essential to look for one that blends perfectly into your specific environment.

Choose the right level of detail

The thing you need is a camera with high-resolution images. It’s ideal to look for one that provides at least 600 TV lines. Don’t forget to consider the DVR’s recording resolution when it comes to camera resolution. That purposes to make sure the recorded video can offer enough detail for a positive identification. Another feature to consider is the hidden camera’s focal length. It’s determined by the distance from the center of the camera lens to anything you are monitoring.

If you choose a camera with a longer focal length, it will provide you a narrow-angle of view as well as a larger image with more details and vice versa.

Pay attention to your lighting conditions

If you want to capture a clear image in many different conditions and environments, you should choose a hidden camera with a built-in IR array, digital day/night capabilities, or wide dynamic range. In order to improve image quality, you should find a camera with wide dynamic range. It allows you to get clear images in diverse lighting conditions. It’s great to choose one with built-in IR LEDs or Smart IR. And, you can get high-quality images at night. These features also provide an IR range specific.

Find the video recording solution

There are some options that allow you to record video with your hidden cameras such as linking your camera to a compatible security system, choosing a hidden camera with a built-in DVR, or buying a separate DVR or micro DVR.

If you have owned a video security system in a place including a DVR, you just need to add a hidden camera. It will provide covert surveillance. And, if your camera has no a built-in DVR, you should choose a separate compatible DVR. Also, you can consider buying a micro DVR to record video. It’s easy to conceal Micro DVRs.

Last, you should choose a hidden camera that comes with a built-in DVR. Thanks to a built-in DVR, you needn’t concern about camera compatibility.

Choose your power source

You can’t ignore the power when choosing a hidden camera. You can consider choosing a wired or wireless product provided by a battery-powered. You can choose wireless battery-powered covert cameras if you want to get the flexibility. It helps to move your hidden camera to another position. This choice provides you the flexibility needed. If you need a camera for prolonging battery life, you should choose a camera with motion detection recording. And, one with a constant supply of power will provide you permanent covert installations.

Best Hidden Camera Reviews

VOTECOM Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock

This camera is a great choice. It comes with many functions as live video streaming, motion-detection alerts, as well as a discreet exterior. This camera allows you to check-in from anywhere. This camera offers 1080-pixel high-definition video. In addition, it provides you motion-detection notifications to your phone. Plus, this model can be able to record footage on a Micro SD card.

Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Camera

It’s a hidden camera in plain sight. The camera can capture high-quality video even at night. It comes with the 720-pixel high definition as well as a date and time stamp. Especially, it allows you to record for up to 30 hours. You can record depending on your needs. It has an SD card, so you can download the videos onto your computer to view. It can work well at night. So, it can protect your house all times.

Titathink Hidden IP Spy Camera

This spy camera is great for checking on your business. Thanks to its size of a quarter, it’s easy to hidden. Moreover, it comes with the 720-pixel high definition. Plus, this product can be able to record audio as well as take pictures. So, you can keep your eye on a store’s merchandise. Also, it allows you to watch live video on your tablet or phone. But, it requires being attached to the main unit via the cable.




There is a wide range of shapes, price ranges, and sizes when it comes to hidden cameras. They come with a lot of features such as motion activation, night vision, or portability. These cameras help to protect what matters most. Consult our best-hidden cameras above to choose the best for your need. Then, you will know that your entire property is in good hands.

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