How To Find The Best Boekhoudsoftware?

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As you begin researching new accounting software solutions, are you fully aware of the different Boekhoudsoftware costs? The basics of accounting have not changed, but what has altered greatly is the business of accounting.

Having mission-critical information available to your firm’s decision-makers promptly and being able to provide direct access to data is valuable to the business. However, such access will affect the total accounting software costs.

Finding out what accounting software costs are not as easy as scanning a price barcode on a box. There are many variables, many of which are hidden costs that have to be included in your total pricing.

Different Pricing Models for Boekhoudsoftware

Module – The accounting software costs are based on the accounting modules required such as those for stock levels, accounts payable or purchasing. The pricing can be influenced by the number of users, whether it is an individual, a group or an unlimited number.

System – Total accounting software costs are established for an entire system to include all accounting modules. System pricing models can be linked to a per-user cost or an unlimited number of users.

Named User – each user gets an individual license and pricing depends on the total number of identified users who will access the accounting software. Therefore, if you have 20 employees who need to access the system, your accounting software costs will include 20 separate licenses.

Concurrent User – This form of pricing is based on the largest number of users that will potentially access the system at any point in time. Even if you may have 40 employees in accounting, but only 25 of them would be logged into the system simultaneously, your accounting software costs are based on the 25 users.

Month – The monthly Boekhoudsoftware costs model is frequently used for an accounting software package.

Year – This is similar to a monthly fee but is paid on an annual basis.


Transaction – Often in a software application, pricing is based on the number of operations carried out, regardless of the number of users or modules accessed.

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