How to Get a Job in the Luxury Industry

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Despite the economy running into a major recession, the luxury industry has proved to be resilient. Everybody wants the high-quality goods that stores offer, so it’s no surprise that many upscale retail positions remain in strong demand and exist on the job market today.

Are you curious how you can turn your dream of working in the luxury sector into reality? You’ll want to know each one of these methods before you even begin applying for your ideal career.

1. Prepare with Research and Experience

First and foremost, you want to make sure to set yourself up with enough background knowledge that can get your foot in the door. Thoroughly research the skillset and qualifications needed to achieve your desired position. Do you need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? What major should you have in your education endeavors? What about an internship? All of these components are important to know before you even start your job search.

After you determine the education specifics, think about the position itself. How does the company function? What is the level of difficulty in achieving the job you want? Can you use previous job experience, or will you need to work your way up in this business? Research everything you can ahead of time so that you have an idea of what you’re working towards. The more you know about the company—down to the smallest details—the more you can set yourself apart from the competition when it comes to interviewing.

2. Create a Killer Resume

Most potential employers and hiring managers will initially file through a stack of resumes before determining who they want to seriously consider as a potential candidate for their company. On average, recruiters only spend 6.25 seconds looking at each person’s resume before deciding whether or not the person is a good fit for the job. 

If you want to stand out from other applicants, you’ll need to step up your game with a killer resume. Try using professional services, like ?  to craft a resume that suits the requirements of your desired job. This could truly make or break your possibilities in the luxury market. 

3. Identify Your Professional Skills

In order to succeed in the luxury industry, you need to develop and highlight certain personal qualities that make you a viable candidate. Skills like empathy, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service go a long way, no matter what position you hold. These days, luxury brands are known for delivering a shopping experience before, during, and after the actual sale takes place. 

Perhaps you excel at making connections with strangers—why not talk about that in your interview? Avoid boasting to the point of narcissism, but do share of how you plan on translating your personal skills into a professional atmosphere for the betterment of the company.

4. Remember to Network

You may have a strong educational background and a stellar resume, but interviews with certain luxury businesses and positions can still be hard to come by. In your preliminary stages of searching for your dream job, remember the golden piece of advice: it’s not about what you know, but who you know. Just like any other field, networking with fellow employees, associates, and anyone tied to the luxury industry can be key to winning an interview or the job itself. 

When you’re conducting your own research on a brand or specific luxury market you prefer, try to physically go to these stores and observe their strengths and weaknesses. What do you believe they can improve on, and how would you take action to do so? What is selling the most, and how is this achieved? Being aware of these small details can place you at the forefront when you do land connections and end up talking to the right people—a.k.a. the hiring manager.

Some Final Thoughts

Time and time again, the luxury industry has been recognized as in demand by consumers—and that means jobs in this market are available now more than ever. Preparation and research are crucial, especially when you have a window of opportunity in this sector. With the key pieces of advice given here, you can easily be on your way to landing your dream job and achieving exactly what you want in the future

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