How to get a PM phone number

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All people and citizen of India have something to say to their PM Narendra modi. Some have questions, consultation, suggestion and many more things to say to your pm.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can directly contact PM narendra modi through its official website. Yes, you just have to go to and sign up to contact PMO India. This is the official portal designed by PM staff for the Indian citizen to interact with PM Narendra modi. 

 Now you can directly write letter to PM Narendra Modi to your PM office address. You can write any postcard and send it below the indicated address. It has been reported from reports that PM Modi is receiving daily letters from across India.

Or you can simply write “Prime Minister of India, 7 Race Course Road, New Delhi” in direction, you will reach PM Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi has responded to important letters in the past, so you can try this thing more.

You can interact and participate with PM Narendra Modi phone number to share idea and share your question and query. Just go to this registration page to MyGov Portal and register.

MyGov is a platform for citizen participation towards good governance in India. From this portal, Narendra Modi has taken many suggestions and comments to date.

Now you can contact PM directly through your twitter handle. You can mention your tweet in or on

Narendra modi.

You can also receive Narendra Tweets a Modi directly on your mobile phone as SMS. When Narendra Modi Tweets, the tweets will be sent to your phone mobile as SMS.

You can send your question or query to PM from India through your facebook page. Go to Narendra Modi Facebook Page  and submit your question or query on facebook post as a comment.

I have it from your Android applications page. As it is now, is that unofficial email address of PM Narendra Modi is available, if any, will be updated here soon.

Narendra modi has joined Instagram, LinkedIn and Weibo too, you can contact him there too now. 

Yes, you can now interact with the Prime Minister directly through your Android application. Just download NaMo android app on your smartphone and start interacting with your PM Directly.

In this android application, you will receive the latest news related to Narendra Modi, you can receive emails and messages directly from the PM, read the Narendra Modi Blog and much more related to the NaMo.

In the case of your suggestion or query, justshoot mail or message via any of the above way to interact with Narendra Modi.


Therefore, they are the source contact available who can communicate with Mr. Narendra Modi.

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