How to Get Food during Train Journey

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Getting food during train journey is not difficult these days because of the recently introduced e-catering services by the ICRTC. Earlier, traveling for long distances by trains was not a very pleasant experience for travelers traveling with small children or ailing seniors. The food during train journey was hard to get and fresh food from the pantry cars in trains became unavailable in case there was a delay. Passengers would have to carry food for traveling in train to ensure that they did not go hungry.

How have e-catering services changed the situation?

With the introduction of e-catering solutions for train travels, people can now enjoy the luxury of ordering meals online. They can either pre-book the meals on the website of such services or place their orders from smartphones during their journeys too. The websites will display a list of vendors that are approved by the company for delivering meals to passengers on trains. It will also have a list of stations where you can expect the meals to be delivered fresh.

When you are keen to place an order for food during train journey, all you have to do is enter the details of your travel like the train number, your booking number, and berth or seat number. Once these have been entered, you need to choose the name of a station on the train route provided. It is here you will get your order delivered by your chosen vendor.

You get to choose your vendor from a list of multiple vendors; you can even choose a restaurant of your preference and order a multi-course meal. It is possible for you to book meals from different vendors for different members of the family. Once you have selected the meal of your choice from the restaurant of your choice, you can proceed to pay for the order. Customers may pay online through credit or debit cards or even choose the payment on delivery option.

To get your orders delivered at your preferred station, you must however place them well in advance, at least a couple of hours before the schedules delivery time. In case of cancellations, you may get in touch through the toll-free numbers provided on the website. The refund will be credited to your account in due course of time. However, you need to cancel in advance; else you will be charged. The site may need to make cancellations on certain occasions when they fail to deliver the meals because of the train running late.

All in all, e-caterings services are one of the biggest achievements for the railways today, ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety for passengers. All vendors are approved and they will ensure that quality standards are met. These services are regularly inspected for quality check purposes. Traveling by trains no longer had to be a struggle for passengers who are not able to carry home-cooked meals.

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