How To Get More Video Views On YouTube

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Are your videos lacking views on YouTube?


Do you wish there was a way to get your Youtube-video discovered and increase your view count dramatically?


If this applies to you, to both questions, then I can help you. There is one simple trick that will bring your video clip from nowhere to the front page. Before I actually get into that, you have to apply movie optimization to your videos.


YouTube is like a search engine, ironically owned by Google. Getting on the front page of Facebook is a lot easier to get, than on the front page of any search engine. Why is that? Easy, not too many people know how to video optimize appropriately. Like SEO, optimizing your videos is a method, and if you apply it correctly, you will see a large difference.


Presently there are 4 important elements to optimizing your videos for YouTube, or any other video sharing website. Additionally, this might not exactly work for all video sharing websites, this is generally on YouTube.


Keyword Research


Keyword studies so important, to gain maximum exposure. When you are not using the keywords or phrases that viewers are browsing for, then, your video clip won’t go anywhere. You must know, what people are looking for, what the keywords and key phrases being used.


YouTube has a great feature where you can key in keywords and it will provide you a listing of the most used keywords regarding that specific word. As an example, if you type in “WordPress”, YouTube will create several top keywords with the phrase “WordPress” in it.


You can also use Google’s AdWords Keyword Application to obtain more keywords. You can also go some other YouTube videos, and see what keywords they are using for videos.


Title of Video


The title of your video will determine how it is positioned in the google search. Your current title should have your most important keyword and be strongly related your video clip content. Have no keywords in your title that are not in your movie, or it will be flagged and deleted.


When you use your keywords first in the subject, it will improve your movie rankings. YouTube generally seems to favor keywords that are near to the beginning of the title sequence. For instance, if you are making a video clip about “How for making Funds with Your Blog”, then you would want your title to be, “Make Money Online with Your own WordPress Blog”.


In the example above, “make money online” is your major keywords/phrase, and “WordPress” and “blog” are your secondary keywords. As you might have noticed, my primary keywords/phrase is at the starting of the title label, making your video more relevant.


Description of Video


The description of your video also plays a role in how your video is ranked online. When making the information of your video, be sure to are as descriptive as possible, also remember to add your keywords and expression.


Like the title marking, YouTube will rank you higher if your main keywords/phrase are at the starting of your video information. A word of caution, do not repeat your keywords, just mention the primary and secondary keywords once. If you excessive use, that is keyword filling, and a good way to get your video clip deleted or your bank account suspended.


Don’t forget you add your website’s LINK, and any social mass media urls too. Even though YouTube is nofollow, and won’t help your motor rankings, but it will deliver an exceptional large click through to view rate. Yet another thing to mention is that a lot of other websites period Facebook videos and your information. I am not discussing embedding your videos. People will actually take your video, title, and explanation and put it online, which may be a do follow the link.


Keyword Labels of Movie


Your keyword tags are keywords/phrases that best describe your movie. So, you want to come up with as many keywords as you can, but make positive they are related to your video. You can also go to other videos that are similar to yours and see what ones they’re using.


If you are adding keywords as tags, YouTube uses spaces to be able to the keyword. Meaning, if you add the keywords, earn cash online, that will depend on three different words. For the long butt phrases, use quotes. For example, if you use the keyword phrase, generate income online, you want to set them inside quotes, such as this, “make money online”. That can help it into a keyword, instead of three keywords.


If someone moves to YouTube search and types in earn cash online, the keyword phrase will get priority over the three individual words, every time. Why? Because it is a definite keyword expression, and as long as it’s in your tags, it will get the concern over individual ones.



When compiling your keyword/phrase tags, make them individual and long tail phrases. Put simply, you want the keywords/phrase tags such as, generate income online and “make money online”. Don’t worry about over repeating a keyword or phrase, YouTube whitening strips out repeaters automatically. Visit:  more youtube views

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