How to Get the Best Plastic Handles For Carton Boxes?

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Are you looking for high Standard and Heavy-Duty plastic handles for your carton boxes?
They will surely enhance the look and performance of your existing packaging boxes without a complete makeover.There are a number of high quality handles and box handles that comes in various colors, shapes, sizes and even custom design by a company logo.

You can use plastic handles in a variety of applications like packaging, corrugated boxes and cardboard mailers, luggage goods, carrying the electronics items, firewood stuff, sport goods. There also comes a lay flat plastic packaging box handle that are famous for its flexible strength.

Plastic handles are vital in many industries not because they give strength to carry boxes, but they are good for convenience  and ease of application.
There are some types of plastic handles being widely used;
1.    White plastic handles
2.    Light duty handles
3.    Black plastic handle
4.    Heavy duty handles
5.    Plastic packaging handle
6.    Box handles
7.    Escort handles
Handles are vital for end user product and retail user applications. Plastic handles for packaging purpose are made to make a simpler life and for those who find it more functional in getting a firm grasp. Use handles to carry different products and applications like for the retail customer or for the distribution channel. 

For shock proof experience there are durable and high quality polyethylene handles used in boxes;ideal for consumer electronics items, sample boxes and much more.Plastic handles comes in a variety of lengths so that you can choose the right one as per your need. Usually there is only black and white color, but you can order for a customized color also.

These handles are specially deigned to enhance the look of all your packaging and transportation needs and ultimately for bottom line solutions. With Plastic handles,  now you can have plastic locks and customized box handles too. They come in multiple colors, shapes and sizes.

There are number of handle  manufacturers , traders and suppliers in the market who have established themselves as a superior quality handles providers in the market. As there is more supplier so prices are more economical and competitive with the other one.

Along with the static handles, now you can have a wide range of revolving handles available in comprehensive handle lengths and box sizes. They are made from either nylon(thermoplastic) or duroplast phenolic range. Folding handles are another option that you can use for the same applications. They are made from rubber grips perfectly manufactured  from flexible yet tough PVC materials.

Inspiring features of Plastic handles
1.    They are perfectly designed and tested for vibration resistance
2.    Excellent on performance
3.    Long life


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