How to go about picking your cannabis genetic strains?

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One of the biggest challenges you are likely to have when you want to grow cannabis or when you get started with your cannabis cultivation process is identifying the right genetic strains. Many people when they get started will not even be aware that there are so many cannabis genetic strains. They will be under the impression that there is just one single type of cannabis and all of them are equal. Once they venture into cultivation, start looking for seeds to buy online, they will come across different genetic strains, various types of seeds. All these confuse the beginners. If you are facing such problems, do not worry, what you are going through is normal and you will not have to worry about such confusions. Here are a few quick guidelines to help you get over with this confusion. 
When you are getting started with your project of cultivating marijuana at home for your personal use, try to get some beginner strains. When you go with beginner strains, you will be making things simple for yourself. You should know that not all genetic strains are the same to cultivate. Some of them are more complicated than the others. Keeping things simple is crucial when you are starting so that you will not get discouraged in the process. 
If you get started with some complex genetic strain or a genetic strain with medium complexity such as landrace strains, you may find the whole process complicated and as a result you will get demotivated. As you gain confidence with the cultivation process, and get better insights, you can explore other genetic strains. Over a period of time you will gain experience and you will be able to cultivate all types of cannabis without a problem. So allow yourself the time for the learning curve. 
More to that, when you are picking your genetic strains, you should be taking into account other factors such as the climatic conditions in your area and pick your genetic strains accordingly. Not all genetic strains will do well in all regions. So keep such factors in mind and if you do not, you will be meeting number of challenges along the way. Do your bit of homework trying to understand what type of cannabis will do well in your region. If required, talk to other cultivators so that you can learn from their experience. Your type of cultivation namely indoor or outdoor cultivation will also decide which type of seeds to be picked. 
Identifying the right genetic strain is key factor to be taken into account when you are growing cannabis at home. This will decide who successful you are and how satisfied you are. Each genetic strain will have its own flavour. There is nothing wrong in trying different flavours but on the long run you should enjoy the cultivation process and also get value for your time and money that you are investing. So choose your genetic strains wisely.

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