How to Have a Luxury Bath Without Breaking the Bank

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One of the great things about a bathroom is that it’s usually a small space, which means the homeowner can splurge in ways that aren’t possible or even desirable in other rooms in the house. It does not need to cost a great deal to have a bathroom so sumptuous that the sight of it will make guests envious. Here are some budget-friendly decorating tips:


Use Larger Than Usual Tiles


One way to make a bathroom unique is to install tiles that are larger than those normally seen. A standard tile size is 3 by 6 inches. A homeowner might consider custom-made tiles of an unusual dimension, such as 4 by 8 inches. Another idea is to choose tiles that are different colors than those normally found in a bathroom, like reds, greens or sunny yellows.

Another way to spruce up a bathroom is to install a tile “rug.” This is a pattern of tiles laid on the floor that can trick the eye into thinking it is indeed an area rug. Because this “rug” necessarily covers a small area, it is not as expensive as a homeowner may fear.




As with tiles, standard bathroom vanity units can be picked up at any Big Box store. One idea is to repurpose a piece of furniture that would most often be seen in another room, such as a bombé chest or a richly carved Boulle style commode. These items can be made to accommodate plumbing, sinks and their fixtures by DIYers with moderate plumbing and carpentry skills. 




This is where the homeowner can really indulge, even to the point of gold-plated knobs, pulls and fixtures. If this is a bit over-the-top, the beautiful hardware of less precious metals can be bought at antique shops, flea markets or yard sales. The homeowner can also go online to find those stores that specialize in all kinds of delicious hardware, from rubbed bronze or carved wood drawer pulls to knobs made of blue and white porcelain or cut glass. Chrome is a perennial favorite when it comes to hardware. It’s brilliant, easy to clean and inexpensive.


New Bathtub


Bathtubs can be the ultimate luxury items in the bathroom. Depending on the size of the room, a homeowner can choose everything from a tidy corner tub to a platform tub big enough for the whole family. Freestanding tubs are especially popular, and they can be placed anywhere in the room. They can be claw-footed or supported by a short pedestal or have no pedestals or feet at all. Slipper tubs have one end higher than the other for relaxing, and soaking tubs are especially deep. Tubs can be made of acrylic, fiberglass, enameled steel or cast iron or polymer. Really ritzy ones are carved of stone or faced with exotic woods such as mahogany.


Dress Up the Ceiling


There’s no reason for the ceiling to be uninspiring. The good news is that making the ceiling as beautiful as the rest of the room doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Buy some stencils made for walls, then paint the ceiling, and use the stencils to create beautiful Arabesque style designs.


Use Stone


If a bathtub made of marble is too much for the budget, a marble sink may be within reach. Gently used marble sinks save even more money, and the homeowner can repair small dings, dents, and stains. On the other hand, these imperfections can give the sink character. 

Stone floor tiles give the bathroom an earthy type of beauty, but experts recommend slate over stone such as granite or marble, which are expensive. Make sure that the subfloor is sturdy enough to support stone tiles.

As can be seen, in most cases making a bathroom a place of luxury is not terribly expensive. Opulent materials such as stone, crystal and porcelain tile used judiciously are surprisingly inexpensive even as they give the bathroom an awe factor.

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