How to heal brittle nails and decorate them

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One of the best natural remedies for brittle nails is lemon juice. It is a great strengthener and can be applied before the base layer of polish when you’re doing your manicure.

Calcium also helps with brittle nails. Today’s cosmetic industry offers tons of gels, lotions and polishes with a high content of calcium, which can also be used before applying the base layer of polish.

For ladies who like to decorate their nails specialists offer the following advice:

This season you can use neutral tones, as well as bright ones such as fuchsia, purple, bright red and blue. One of the hottest fashion tendencies is that your nails repeat the pattern of your outfit. Special powders, acrylic paint and polishes are used for decoration.

Plant details are always preferred and look good on everyone in every occasion. However, experts would like to remind you that big flowers or butterflies on the thumbs are for special occasions only and not for everyday events. Another effective and delicate tendency is for decorating only the ring finger. This classy manicure goes well on everyone and everything.

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