How to improve the automobile products’ innovation experience by safely upgrade

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FOTA provides two ideas. One is upgrading the system version conveniently and quickly. The other is providing novel functions without changing the car.

Rui Yanan said its necessary to upgrade the automobile products. There are four reasons as follow. Firstly, the innovation of commerce: FOTA can ensure the car satisfied the users and the changing market. Secondly, the innovation of research and development: FOTA can provide new functions in advance, and other functions can be mixed. Thirdly, the promotion of risk administration: FOTA can reduce the risks of software bugs and improve the defense capability, reflection of emergency, repairing of bugs. Fourthly, innovation of service: FOTA changes the single-mode of cars 4s service.  It can cut huge cost of service and recall. FOTA can count the information efficiently of each version to let the OEM and users know more about the car condition. The novelty by frequent using can optimize the user interface, operation and the function of requirements.

So far global automobile industry enters the time of reformation and reconstruction. The new technological revolution will give an unprecedented opportunity to the automobile industry with supporter of technology, science and innovation. This conference is one of the best professional and influential forums. It is designed to strengthen the communication among automobile experts, improve the relation of local enterprise, provide a platform for the cooperation, promote upgrade and innovation the car parts, keep the cooperate and establish strategic cooperative relationship. This conference is conducive to specialized people know about the newest information of market and technology and advance Chinas automobile industry creation and competition.

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