How to Install Kodi Fusion

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The open-source media center software Kodi is incredibly easy to use. It works on a wide variety of devices, lets you watch movie streams from around the world, and even supports third party add-ons for extra content. Keeping Kodi up to date and in good working order can become a real task over time. The more add-ons you install and the more sources you browse, the more cluttered Kodi gets. Maintenance tools like Indigo (part of the Fusion repository) are an excellent resource for anyone who wants to tweak Kodi and get the most out of their streams. Check out the guide by kodiforums below to learn how to install the Indigo add-on installer to your version of Kodi.

Kodi itself is completely free to use, and no matter what the rumors say, Kodi is legal, as well. Some of the unofficial add-ons you can install step into murky territory by accessing pirated streams and less-than-legal content, which has attracted the attention of rights holders and governments around the world. Many ISPs even throttle Kodi traffic or send copyright infringement notices to streaming users!


Fortunately, it’s easy to protect yourself against these threats by using a virtual private network. VPNs create a private tunnel between your computer and the internet, encrypting every packet of data to make it unreadable to the outside world. ISPs can’t tell what you’re streaming, and governments can’t tell which websites or add-ons you’re using. VPNs let you watch all the best movies and TV shows in complete privacy. All you have to do is pick a reliable service and start streaming.

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