How to make a Business Plan, Marketing Strategy and Sales

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When a Business Plan is proposed for a new business or business, it is usual not to have an exact idea of ??how the marketing and sales strategy will be developed, and it is usual due to the lack of experience in this field, which is not Can only be based on theoretical knowledge acquired, but it takes a lot of practice.

What is recommended, therefore, is to have experience in the field of marketing and sales, and if you do not have the necessary experience to get advice with someone who does, so we avoid bottlenecks when our business or company starts operations.

To make a good marketing strategy and sales will be necessary to know well our target market, our customers, our products and our industry in general or industrial sector to which our company or business belongs, and these topics we have been developing in The previous chapters, so we already have a good amount of information to help us propose a correct and consistent marketing and sales strategy.

In order to define a good marketing and sales strategy, we will be able to answer the following questions accurately:

What will be our target market over time? This also includes customers, current and future (growth).

Will it be a local, national or international market? Depending on the size of the market and the amount of production that needs to be developed to make a profitable model, and also because of the technical ease to market.

How will these customers be reached? Channels, direct, indirect, wholesale, retail, etc.

How will we know our product? Commercial letters, advertising, free samples, internet, social networks, etc.

What basic characteristic of your product will be the one that stands out? Innovation, utility, ecology, savings, price, quality, personalization, etc.

A Outsourced bookkeeping and Sales Strategy can be done in a few lines if it is a single product or service or some more if it is done for each production line, each with its own strategy of being necessary.

Have a wonderful day.

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