How to Make Outdoor Wood Table Using Power Tools

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Outdoor wood tables are perfect accessories for those that like relaxing on the deck or patio. The great news is that they are easy for you to make yourself, even if you have very little woodworking experience. You just have to have the interest in woodworking sector and a little experience, anyone can have, and you can make a very useful tables for your home.

So, what kind of table you can make?

You might want to build an outdoor coffee table, lounger end tables for holding drinks, a folding bistro table or even, an outdoor octagon dining set. You can find plans for making your own outdoor wood tables and sometimes, you can find them at little or no cost.

Making Outdoor Wood Table Using Sanders and Drill Presses

There are a variety of outdoor furniture plans that give you measurements or they might include patterns, step-by-step instructions and detailed close-ups.


There are variations of outdoor wood tables you can build, whether you are a beginner or an amateur that has a few woodworking skills and basic tools. But, first you need to see some of the designs.

DIY outdoor table top ideas

Ides are not fall into the head suddenly. You need to see some of them. However, you can easily see the DIY outdoor tabletop ideas on different woodworking stores, your friend’s house or collect some books on it.

There is another easy way to look the pictures on the internet. See more ideas about Diy patio tables, Outdoor tables and Patio table on Pinterest “DIY outdoor table”. See these ideas and make a proper plan.

Wooden outdoor table designs

With an idea, you can make a perfect wooden outdoor table designs. There can be a lot of different designs seeing that lot photos and grabbing ideas. Nevertheless, here I will keep things simple with a sample figure.

For that, you will just need few things.


You might only need two-1 x 4, 10-foot long boards of CCA-treated cedar or pine, mahogany or eucalyptus. There are some attractive pieces of outdoor furniture along with the tables.  You will need power tools like drill presses to process cutting the wood into perfect finishes.

These can be functional and easy to construct with basic guidelines and proper wooden outdoor table designs.

DIY outdoor table plans

After the design and idea you need to make a perfect plan. There are beginners that think a basic outdoor wood table shouldn’t be that difficult to construct on their own and you really just need a supportive frame, legs and a tabletop to complete your project.

Outdoor Wood Table Making Process

All you need to do is cut 5- 18-inch long pieces for the top, 4-22-inch long pieces for legs and a 16-inch long piece, cut in half lengthwise, along with a 14 1/2-inch long piece, cut in half lengthwise, for the sides of the top support.

Then make perfect wood pieces for the table leg using power tools, drilling presses, sanders and perfect power tools. Assembly should include wood glue, along with 1 ¼ inch screws, gluing and nailing each piece.

maxresdefault (1)

From this basic pattern, you can assemble an outdoor wood table by guessing, but it is easier to have a step-by-step guide and visual aids or patterns can be helpful, unless you are devising your own plans.

There are some woodworkers that make an entire set of patio furniture and you want it to be worthy of holding up to the elements, besides being constructed in a sturdy method, that provides plenty of function.

Final Few Words

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of wood or materials to construct an outdoor wood table, but this is just a basic model and some people might want a certain style and might want a more elaborate piece of furniture. Since there are plenty of different plans for wooden patio furniture, you are certain to find plans for the outdoor wood table you have in mind.



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