How to make the most of your digital marketing strategy?

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The term ‘global village’ was coined back in 1964 by a media and communication theorist Marshall McLuhan. The term effectively described the phenomenon of the world shrinking to a curvature, thanks to the technological advancements, however I still believe that McLuhan had envisioned the level of shrinkage that the world would go through, and in terms of managing and meeting customer expectations. The times that we live in are the times of gadgets and gizmos where we are continuously exposed to devices, mobile apps and digital experiences.

To have a successful marketing strategy in place means having the right mix of digital storefronts and traditional media. Customers are required to be engaged subtly because ad blocking techniques made them smart to pick up things that only they like while overlooking the rest. To maximize customer engagement, let’s look at few digital marketing strategies that are bound to reeve positive results for you this year.


Make use of social media

Social media holds the power of either making or breaking your overall marketing efforts. Social channels are also actively engaged in bringing in innovative features that are further attracting your consumer’s attention, thus taking up place of an integral element in anyone’s life. No matter who your target audience is, I am sure that they are on social media and that by making use of social channels you can drive positive growth towards your business. Good content can be one engagement driver for you. Content that includes articles, how-to videos and banners serve the right purpose in creating the right appeal for your customers.


For example there are more than 500 million active Instagram users. Content that goes lie on Instagram receives more than 4.2 billion likes daily. Many brands used Instagram to effectively capture their target audience’s attention.

In 2017, social media platforms may have an even deeper impact. For example, the ability to click on items in images and make a purchase in-app. This will make social networks even more significant, not only as means to reach customers but also as platforms to make sales.


Reach consumers on the move

Hand held devices constitutes of the major mediums that are used to engage customers the world over. Mainly because everyone owns a hand held device today which makes mobile marketing necessary for any type of business, so much so that failing to keep up with the changing mobile marketing trends would negatively harm your business rapport.


There are many factors in mobile marketing that needs consideration. For startups, they must make sure to have a responsive website design made, as more than half of their target audience will be browsing their web through their mobile phones. Remember that consumers are now on the go and shopping, so whatever content you are trying to create to tap you consumer it should be well equipped with display mechanisms for varied devices and display screens. Keep in mind that tablet devices account for the highest add-to cart rates on e-commerce websites at 8.6 percent. If you are an online retailer, consider giving extra attention to the design and user experience of the tablet version of your website.


Include chat bots

Chat bots are a service with which a user can interact via chat interface on website. These bots are powered by algorithms and by artificial intelligence sometimes. There are 2 kinds of bots. One that is typically found in messaging apps, which is the 1-800-flower chat bot on FaceBook messenger that help users choose floral arrangements and the other type is the virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Chat bots increase user engagement. Due to their interactive interface and human like communication abilities, chat bots help users with a variety of information than only interaction with specific brands. With Siri getting over 1 Billion requests a week, we can clearly guess the importance chat bots possess in the growing marketing culture of today’s tech-influenced markets.


Although chat bot are becoming popular with every passing day, however they cannot rule out the importance of human interaction that lies within the success of any business, which essentially takes us to our next point.


Build the experience

Digital marketing is one method of marketing your products, however this doesn’t end here. Experiential marketing is here since ages and is very well staying. Activities like events, exhibitions and interaction on a personal level takes your marketing game to new heights of success. Experiential marketing events allow your target customers to gather hands-on knowledge of your brand while enjoying the event they are at. This create a positive recall of the brand and also word of mouth on various social channels.



Marketing strategies in 2017 are all about creating balance between digital marketing and traditional marketing methods that induces human interactions. The marketing methodologies mentioned above are the most important ones that should not be taken for granted and put aside, instead be used effectively allowing a positive reach and recall for your target market.

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