How to organize a mouthwatering treat during college events?

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During our teen day our college days are the best memories of our college. We love to share our time with best buddies in canteen chilling out, hanging out. These all work as a boost up for us after messy and heavy lectures.

We don’t like lectures at all and fed up easily. There are several occasion or event during our college time, which can be made more happening with mouthwatering or by your beautiful suggestion ideas of food or cultural activity to be celebrated.


Ideas of lip-smacking treat during teacher’s day

  • Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September in memory of a great teacher, whose contribution is undeniable. We celebrate this occasion for delighting our teachers with respect and give them thanks.
  • In every schools or college, teacher’s day is being celebrated with a wide range of cultural events and performances too. This celebration is majorly celebrated with notes which inspire our teachers. Planning a party is the best event, which is enjoyed by all groups including teachers and students.
  • You can celebrate your teacher with a lip-smacking treat. Use innovative ideas to cherish your special teachers who always inspired you.
  • Make them surprise with same day cake delivery in Dehradun with scrumptious cake. You can also add your ideas by conveying your appreciation on the cake. It will surely inspire and impress your teacher
  • If you are a school student, you can also treat your teacher on their birthday with a special birthday cake as per the theme.
  • Make your teacher feel special with an appreciation note or read it directly in the class room.
  • If you are in your college also, still you can greet them with flowers and greeting card or else if you miss your college days with your teachers.
  • You can send them email wishing or get in touch with them on a social platform and plan a gathering with all your best buddies along with teachers.

Annual function with party theme

  • Annual days are the major aspect of all college event. Even though we missed out another cultural event during our college days, but we never miss out this opportunity with the annual day.
  • You can add magic in your annual day by hectic activities like snooker, dancing on Bollywood theme, or making it more ethnic with a traditional song of choice, gossiping and having scrumptious food like desserts, ice cream.
  • You can suggest your college administration to book a food order in bulk, which is cheaper and convenient.
  • Moreover, it will give you relief from ordering food once or twice in a day. During the annual day you can start a day with the cake cutting.
  • It will give your day a sweet start with a bite of luscious cake you can opt for best online cake delivery in Faridabad. You can also hire professional chef for your college event day
  • Make your suggestion with them. It will give you more relief, as you can order and demand food as per your choice to be served. Opt for dessert, pastry, or other healthy in the menu of refreshment.

Friendship day with scrumptious surprise

  • A surprise can’t be expressive without a scrumptious treat. We love to share surprises with our friends and share trusting bond with them. We can make our surprises more happening with mouthwatering treats. There is no bond except friendship which can give relief and pleasure to a person.
  • A friend is so special. We can explore more ourselves to a friend. We get the best buddy as a friend and leave all worry behind.
  •  You can make your friendship day special with certain things. During our college we share our special bond with special friends so we can make our friend to be our friend forever with small steps like
  • Make your friend feel special with friendship day mug with your photo together and greet him with luscious cakes with the flavor of chocolate or vanilla. You can start friendship day with a cake cutting. Make your own or order a friendship cake as per the theme of your day.
  • You can make cakes like strawberry cakes, vanilla cake or his favorite chocolate cake to delight him more. Make him more special with binding a friendship band as a token of love for him.
  • Organize a night our party or midnight party, gather your all old friends and explore with each other. Get induce with each other to make your friend more comfortable.
  • You can also plan a secret surprise party during friendship day at your home and make special surprises like short firm on your friend by the help of photo image with beautiful songs.
  • Your college buddy is someone, who always inform you lectures, while you are on leave and make a notes for you. He always helps you for making your college days memorable so greet him on this special day.


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