How to Paint a Sisal Rug

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If you are really wanting to paint a sisal rug, then try to get yourself a sisal rug that has squared patterns within it to make coloring the rug easier. A sisal rug with squares allows you to plot out your design much more efficiently than a rug without squares. Getting the exact intensity and shade of the color you want is best accomplished by giving it a practice session on a small strip of sisal that you can easily get at any crafts store. If Your planning to paint your house, have a look at the paint sprayers reviews at depotdad.
Graph out the pattern of colors that you want on a piece of paper. Using graph paper, count out the number of squares weaved into the rug and use a colored pen to easily lay out your design before you ever touched paint to the rug. Consider adding a pattern of one color around the perimeter of the entire rug for a vibrant decorative effect.

Work with one color at a time using your graph template as your guide. Keep the rug in alignment with your planned design by placing a colored sticky note on each square that corresponds to the color you plan to paint it. If you can’t find sticky notes of those colors, just write down the planned color for each square on any colored sticky note.

Thin the paint you will use to color the sisal rug by mixing half the pail of paint with the same amount of water inside a bucket. Stir the mixture so that it blends evenly. Get as much paint onto the brush as you can with each application as the sisal rug is quick to absorb the paint. Use a small enough paintbrush that you can paint within just one square at a time without bleeding over into the neighboring square.

Wipe away any excess paint using a cloth or paper towel. Blot away the excess paint quickly as it will dry rapidly. Allow the paint to dry if you want to achieve a deeper and darker color on the squares.

Paint all the squares of the first color with a second coat. Mix your second color with water and repeat the same process that you followed with the first color. Keep your paint on hand in case some of the squares don’t match their shades exactly or begin to fade as a result of regular use, wear and tear and sunlight penetration.

Lay the rug down in the room of your choice and enjoy!

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