How to Plan a Luxury Summer 2017 Wedding

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What can be better than getting married in summer? The sun is shining, birds are chirping, everything is flowering and bright. It’s just a perfect time for a luxury wedding! However, to make your nuptials stand out amongst the others is not that ease. Having a truly unforgettable wedding requires proper preparation with attention to detail and personal touches.

Luxury wedding planning is all about inclusion of the smallest things that have the biggest impact on the big picture. Your ceremony and reception should be associated with only incredible service, originality, high quality, and excellent taste. However, before to actually start planning your special day in detail, you need to decide on your luxury wedding themes and color palette. In fact, all the subsequent steps depend on this choice, as it dictates the style and type of the whole event. Along with that, whether it comes to the elegant, timeless ceremony with classic monochrome color palette or the ultra-chic celebration with vibrant colors, there are still several luxury wedding ideas to be used this summer.

Luxury wedding planning essentials

1. Designer wedding dress

Luxury weddings mean luxury dresses created by top designers. From Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta to Pronovias and Jenny Packham, such designs are intended to celebrate the bride’s uniqueness and to show her splendor. Each of them is already a guarantee of an exquisite and unforgettable bridal style suitable for all luxury wedding themes. As for this summer’s trends, pay attention to the classic ivory and sweet pale dogwood gowns without sleeves.

2. Luxury wedding planner

Luxury wedding planning is a real challenge for any couple. You may be dreaming of breathtaking styling details for your ceremony and reception, but let’s be honest, to bring all your desires into life requires much time and effort, especially if you don’t know where to start. Thereby, to hire a professional luxury wedding planner is a must-do for all those who want their big day to be truly spectacular and memorable.

3. Luxury wedding venue

Choosing a venue for your celebration is probably the most challenging part of the whole luxury wedding planning process. The good news is that if you are not limited by budget, you can choose a truly fabulous venue for your special day. For example, pay attention to the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in Florida, which allows reserving the entire island for the luxury wedding reception and ceremony, or to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, which will make you feel like 19th-century billionaires.

4. Luxury wedding decorations

Having a luxury wedding is to choose the top of everything and to give yourself only the best. This is particularly true for wedding decorations and flowers. Thus, if you want to wow your guests and set the tone for the whole celebration, consider adding show-stopping elements in the luxury wedding reception and ceremony. These may include oversize aisle arrangements, floral-covered sculptures and candelabras, big crystal chandelier trees, or over-the-top sprawling floral decorations.

5. Lounge areas

To incorporate ladies and gentlemen’s lounge areas into the reception is undoubtedly one of the best luxury wedding ideas for this summer. For example, it can be a classy, old-fashioned cigar and cognac bar with customized ashtrays for gentlemen and a beautifully decorated tent with exquisite sofas for ladies to rest and touch up the makeup. As for your youngest guests, hire professional babysitters for them and think of a comfortable room that is large enough for the children to play, sleep, and eat.

6. Creative lighting

Nothing says glamor and luxury like huge chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling or trees in the courtyard. In fact, they can give the luxe feel to any space and transform any environment into something magical. However, huge chandeliers are not the only thing to think about if you want to enhance a wow effect. Monograms projected on surfaces, changing colors, and other types of creative lighting are also great luxury wedding ideas that can create a much more tailored ambiance.

7. Dramatic exit

A grand exit is extremely important in luxury wedding planning. After all, it is one of those things that make a lasting impression in people’s minds. Thus, if a limousine is not your option, think of a stylish sports car, a vintage vehicle, a helicopter, a yacht, or even an airplane as a creative way to go out with a bang. Each of these luxury wedding ideas can not only make your big day even more special but also provide you with awesome photo opportunities.

All of these tips work with any luxury wedding themes and color palette, so whatever you choose, you are sure to have a fabulous celebration you have always dreamed of. However, don’t be obsessed with summer wedding trends 2017. After all, it’s your special day, so feel free to celebrate it the way you like!

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