How To Plan The Best Backyard Bash

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Summer isn’t over just yet, so there is still time to take advantage of the warmer weather and throw a glamourous party in your own backyard. If you want your backyard bash to stand out from the rest of the run-of-the-mill events and barbeques, here are some easy steps to make sure you throw the best event of the season. 

Establish The Theme

Get inspired and pick a theme that will get all your friends excited to be on the guest-list. You can pull out all the stops with a Roaring Twenties theme, asking attendees to don smart suits and vintage flapper dresses. You can serve old fashioned drinks to guests before they do their best attempt at the Charleston. 

If the dazzle of the Roaring Twenties isn’t luxurious enough, you could try a classic Hollywood party. Roll out the red carpet for a black-tie affair and bring the Golden Age of movies back to life. Hire a professional photographer to play paparazzi and take photos of your guests as they sip on cocktails. 

Don’t feel limited to scheduling your event in the afternoon — if you really want to throw a memorable soiree, have a night under the stars. Check the weather ahead of time so that your party will have clear skies to view the cosmos. If you really want to thrill your guests, have them light sky lanterns and release them towards the stars when the clock strikes midnight. 

Unique snacks

The average summer bash will have potato chips sitting in a bowl — even if it’s just a snack table, you want your refreshments to stand out from the bunch. Wow your friends with salted watermelon, spiced mango or MyMo Mochi Ice Cream on a platter. Mochi ice cream is a layer of sweet rice dough with a smooth ice cream center. The unique treat comes in delicious flavors to appeal to all your guests like classic vanilla bean, sweet mango and exotic green tea. You can choose flavors that you think will be big hits or you can match the gorgeous colors to your décor. 

Set The Bar High 

To make your event blow every other summer party out of the water, set up a fully stocked cocktail bar and hire a bartender. Have wine, beer and the ingredients for basic mixes available, along with the ingredients for the theme cocktails. For a Roaring Twenties bash serve Sidecars, Highballs, and Mary Pickfords. For a Hollywood theme night make sure to pour lots and lots of champagne. 

Something to Remember 

Send your guests home with party favors that will remind them of their incredible night. Small boxes of chocolate truffles or bottles of wine are extravagant gifts for your attendees. You can also arrange for your party favors to match the theme: you could give out beaded headbands and fine handkerchiefs for a Roaring Twenties bash; you could give classic movies out for your Hollywood party; or you could give personalized constellation maps for a night under the stars. After receiving such luxurious party favors, your guests will feel positively spoiled for being able to attend your fabulous event. 

If you follow these tips, you will delight and amaze your friends with a jaw-dropping party. With a little bit of planning, your backyard bash will be the most noteworthy event of the entire season. 

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