How to Prepare for a Meeting with A Criminal Defense Attorney?

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It is important that you prepare well for meeting with a criminal defense lawyer. Following section will give you an insight on what all things you should plan for before meeting a criminal defense lawyer.

 Things to Consider Before Meeting a Criminal Defense Lawyer

 Be Prepared

 It’s important that you collect all facts before meeting with the attorney. You should have complete details of the incident and everything that happened. It is advisable to sit down before the meeting and jot down relevant points. This will include details on what happened before the incident, everything that happened during it and incidents happened after the arrest. 

 Your attorney will ask you to remember the names of people and details of places, which are a part of your case. Moreover, you should have a clarity on what they know about the case and what is their role in your case. Moreover, you should have complete detail about the incident, any important people who were present during the incident. Apart from this, it’s important to recollect the details pertaining to the arrest. In case arresting officers made any mistakes, recount them. Such details can be quite helpful for you during the trial.

 Prepare Your Checklist

 You would also want to ask certain questions from your criminal defense lawyer. It’s important that before having a meet with the attorney, you prepare a checklist of these details and ask him/her. These things might include information on experience that the lawyer has in handling cases in the past. Moreover, ask about the results of cases that the attorney has handled in past. This information will give you an idea about the success rate of the attorney. You can even ask the attorney for some client references whom he/she had dealt in the past.

 Fee Structure

 This is one of the key factors which determine whether you should hire a particular attorney or not. It is important that before meeting the lawyers, you call them and ask them about the fee charged by them for services. Some of the lawyers have standardized fee structures which are usually mentioned on their websites. Make sure that you meet the lawyer only if the fee charged by the attorney is within your budget.

 During your meeting as well, you can be very straightforward in confirming about fee. Clearing out things upfront will ensure that there are no surprises at later stages. This is important because at times, there are some hidden/additional charges that lawyers don’t disclose at initial stages. Apart from this, ask the attorney about the mode of payment through which he/she will be accepting the payment.

 Carry Necessary Documents

It is important that you carry documents, which are crucial for the case. This will include documents that can be used as evidence such as emails, photos and letters etc. In case, you reside in Florida, it’s best to hire a criminal defense attorney Ft. Lauderdale.


To conclude, be prepared well for your meeting with the attorney and tell him everything so that he can help you out.

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