How to surprise her if you are away from home on valentine’s day?

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Are you frustrated or sad with the thought of not being with your partner in Valentine’s week? Well, being in a long distance relationship is hard, and especially on the occasions like Valentine’s Day, that is just for couples.

During this week, people seem so much more in love with the chocolates and hearts all around on the windows. It feels like love is following you.

It is difficult to make your girl feel special on Valentine promise day or any other day. Well, there are some of the ways from which you may surprise your partner. This will mean a lot to her even when she is not expecting.

Surprise her with flowers

Send gifts to India online. For this, you don’t need to be in the same country. Use the online services to book flowers and have them delivered to the doorstep of your girl. You can also do this with soft toys or chocolates. She will get more surprised as she might not be expecting to receive any gift.

Send a special and unique gift

Making a gift by yourself is another way to surprise her in Valentine week. If she likes any particular type of candy, find the way to deliver the whole box on that day.

You can also consider taking help of your friend. Just transfer the money to their account, ask him to buy and he will just leave at her doorstep.

If she likes reading books or journals, then get a blank copy and fill it with the reasons why you love her so much. Write it on your own to make it more unique and courier it. It doesn’t need to be costly as it is just the book that will get fit in the envelope.

Have a date on Skype

Skype is an app that has eventually made the long distance relationships more manageable. Why not take advantage of this tool on Valentine’s Day? Organize a date by yourself on Valentine promise day or any other day of the week, which will look like the real one.

If you like music, surprise her by singing something for her. If you both like games, play a game against each other that will also add fun to the date.

Another best thing you can do is watch a film together. Netflix has made it easier. Start watching the same movie and have each other on Skype while you watch a movie. This will feel like you both are with each other.

Mail her a letter

Send gifts to India as a mail or a postcard. In today’s era, people often forget about the letter or a note. It might take little longer, and she will receive after Valentine’s Day, but that’s fine. It will be the best surprise for her.

It doesn’t need to be extended, just write something on a beautiful postcard and send it with the help of a mailman.


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