How To Tell If Your Diamonds Are Good Quality

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Did you do prior research to buying your diamonds? If you did, there is the likelihood that you got an idea about how to safeguard diamond jewelry from breaks, chips or cracks. There are times however despite all that knowledge that you notice issues with your diamond jewelry. You should get ideas on how to tell if your diamonds are good quality. You don’t have to freak out when you notice anything on your diamond if you know how to go about it. This article has a few insights which will come handy.


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Mind about cleanliness

Don’t freak out when you notice a whitish looking line through your stone. Check if it’s an actual crack. Some unavoidable circumstances during the day might make your diamond to get dirty. While doing your daily chores, your gemstone diamond might have inevitably touched a few things including soap, dirt or mud. The grime coating might cause superficial blemishes on your stone. With time, this grime might start looking like solid white lines. It might cause you to think that your diamonds are not of good quality.

Avoid cheap diamonds

Gemstone diamonds are tough to break. For it to get a crack requires the use of a lot of power at the right position along its cleavage lines. However, the ability to crack has a direct relationship with quality of the stone. A low-quality diamond usually has an unhealthy cut and is more susceptible to ruin under external forces. Avoid cheap gemstones with crowns which are too shallow and have incredibly slender girdle width. These have high breakability which leads to wastage of money since you get what you pay for when buying diamonds.

Avoid mixed diamonds

As noticed above, when looking for cheap stones, you might be forced to go for mixed diamonds. It’s a huge mistake. Mixed diamond jewelry has weaker material integrity since it’s bound to have issues with foreign material. It’s essential that check online James Allen review for ideas on how to purchase the best diamonds. Buying quality stones gives you many years of sturdiness and satisfaction. It explains why it’s a good move to buy only from reputable diamond stores and professional dealers.

Closer examination

On purchasing a diamond ring, it’s essential that you give it a closer inspection. It will be very awkward to begin noticing issues with the stone after a few months. Never purchase diamonds without taking enough time to give it a closer look. An in-depth look at your gemstones will save you from embarrassment and inconveniences once you notice issues with it in future. Imagine seeing girdle reflections and feather inclusions which have been there all along! It’s essential to discover those problems when you have just bought the diamonds.

The best thing to do is always to buy diamonds from reputable sources. Good brands such as James Allen are well known for selling impeccable diamonds for years without compromising quality. Be vigilant when buying diamond stones. It’s the best way to get beautiful gems which will last forever. 

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