How to Use Silver and Gold to Bring Glamour to Your Home

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Using silver or gold is a great way to add something special to your interior space.

Silver and gold has long signified wealth and finery, as in this interior from a National Trust property in Great Britain. You can also add a touch shimmer to your interior spaces by decorating with silver and gold. For instance, the gold room at the Peter Herdic Inn in Williamsport, Pennsylvania updates the sumptuous old world look with gold-painted furniture and gold upholstery and wallpaper.


Here are some more ideas for decorating with silver and gold in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and more.


In the bedroom, silver and gold can add a sumptuous sheen. Check out the silver and gold wallpapers and bedspreads in these bedrooms for inspiration.


An unusual way to incorporate silver and gold in your kitchen or bathroom is in the faucets and sinks. This brass bar sink and gold faucet adds shimmer to a kitchen.


A more casual way to use silver and gold is through simple accessories such as picture frames and cushions, as in this living room featured on the Corrie Haffly blog.


Gold and silver can look gorgeous on a table, as in these gold and silver napkin and plate sets.


Now that you have some inspiration, here are a few tips for decorating the home in silver and gold.


Either all gold or all silver can look stunning in a room. Mixing the two can also be beautiful if it is done well. The key is to let one color ‘lead’. For instance in the napkin and plate sets above, the dominant color is gold.


Try to distribute silver and/or gold throughout the room. This lends an all-over opulence to the space and keeps the eye from being fixed on one point.


There are many ways to create your own silver or gold finish. Artwork and crafts painted in silver or gold paint brings a shimmer to the room. You can also buy silver and gold leaf kits for frames and other items. Gold and silver leaf kits as well as paints are sold by Mister Art.


Silver and gold fabrics are an easy and affordable way to glam up your living space. Try fabrics with shimmery thread for cushions or curtains.


Warm light shows off silver and gold best. Make sure the room has enough light to lend a sparkle to your silver and gold room.

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